Mission - Man Band

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  1. Can the title be any worse? Man Band. Come on. Why don't these guys move onto something else in the business. Why try to capitalize on their former success?

    I like them all but think this show is a bad idea for their careers.

    I'll still watch. :push:
  2. Maybe they are bored? lol I only find it interesting b/c the show was filmed in my neighborhood....I was dying when they got booed at the magic game! :ninja:
  3. noooo man band! i want 'nsync baccccccccck! :girlsigh::shame:


    .. i still watch it tho! :biggrin:
  4. what a horrible show...maybe it would work if they picked some good looking guys...
  5. lol Me too! Instead BSB get back together. I was always on Team 'NSYNC, and still am. If Justin wasn't such a major solo artist there would have been a lot better chance of us getting 'NSYNC back.

    I watch the show too, but only becuase of Kris.
  6. I know and they kept teasing us! Each week they showed the preview leading one to believe it was gonna be the next show. So I would watch through and nothing. Then it finally happened. Hilarious! All they want to do is have a pity party and cry about being has beens.
  7. And blame the manager.

    I watch too much tv...
  8. I'm still watching. They are a bunch of whiny babies. Especially Jeff Timmons who always says he's hoarse.
  9. I'm kinda surprised that the guy from LFO is doing this show. A couple of years ago he was collaborating with a musician named Toothpick (his real name is Doug something). I haven't seen the show, but I liked the music that Toothpick and the LFO guy were doing.