Mission impossible; which one should I get!? Thoughts needed :)

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  1. Hi ladies! :smile:

    I’m new to Mansur Gavriel, and planning on getting my first MG bag! :graucho:

    Story is, I’ve been wanting a ”help bag” as I call it. That is, a tote that goes with everything and can hold all the stuff that I’m used to carrying around making it possible to wear smaller purses during daytime :love:

    So, the idea is to start enjoying my smaller purses, but to do so, I need something bigger that goes with practically every little purse and all my clothes. Not an easy mission! When I came across the MG tote and knew it was the ONE! :heart:

    I’m thinking about a black one, but the interior color is the difficult part, as it should also go with everything. Anyhow, I’m absolutely in love with the Flamma interior in a black tote. So sexy! My other alternative is the Ballerina (I’ve read that it’s more nude than pink?), as I guess it basically goes with everything.

    Metallics are easy, but not really my style. I think my problem is, that I’ve fallen for the Black/Red Combo, and it does not suite my purpose of buying this bag. But then again I’m afraid that a more reasonable choice will feel boring and make me still want the Black/Red.

    The tote should fit stuff like: small umbrella, ipad, water bottle, a light sweater and/or a scarf, sunglasses, a magazine.. I’m only 5 feet 2 inches (about 158 centimeters) tall, but I think the larger tote would be best?

    I made a collage of all my difficult small purses that I wear to little (some I don’t wear because they are not my style anymore, but maybe will be in the future). This is to show the color scheme.. there’s light gray, navy, pewter, brown snakeskin, other browns, and some bright colors..

    It should also go with a sandy beige trench coat, whereas the Ballerina might not look good if it still is too pinkish..?

    Any thoughts on what I should do? Sorry to come with a real 'first world problem', but this is agonizing! :panic:

    Thank you all so much :flowers:

  2. If your heart says black/flamma, go for it!! Given your size, the small tote probably could work for you as well, as you don't plan on putting too much in it. I am 5 ft 4 and have 3 large totes, but I really load them up!!! Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. Thank you! :smile: Yeah, I'm quite small.. By pictures the two totes seem to have different shapes, and I like the shape of the large tote more.. And it would give me the opportunity to carry more stuff too if/when needed. There is of course the issue of how it will look on me.. I just hope the Flamma goes with most colors :P

    I could also get both sizes, do a compare at home, and return the other one?
  4. I like both flamma and Ballerina interior, and I think their tote is very easy to carry.
  5. IMHO, I would get the color combo you've fallen for and in the large size.

    I'm also 5'2" and have the tote in black/ballerina. If you put all the things listed in the small size tote at once, it will be quite full and harder to use the handles on your shoulder. Even without it being full, it's a very tight fit trying to carry it on your shoulders if you're wearing a trench coat.

    I do love my black/ballerina tote and like the subtle and muted look with my sandy beige trench and other neutral colors but I do also love carrying my red Mark Cross bag to add a pop of color with the same outfits.
  6. Thank you all! :flowers: Great to hear experiences of the size! I would definitely wear the bag on my shoulder too. But SO difficult to choose, especially when you rave the Ballerina! :biggrin: But, It would not be one of my choices if it wasn't gorgeous :graucho: