Mission IMPOSSIBLE: Locating a Softy Faridah

  1. Ok, so here's the story.

    I've been obsessing over the MbyMJ Softy Faridah in Chocolate for the last 2 weeks or so. I found it on Shopbop and spent about a week thinking about it. When I went to buy it, it was SOLD OUT.

    So I searched the net for another one and found it at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Now, seeing as I live in Australia and these sites don't ship internationally, I spent a couple of days finding and organising a way of getting it shipped to me. When that was sorted, I went to buy the bag and again, it was sold out :crybaby:

    I have searched high and low for this baby, but with no luck. And being in Australia means there are NO MJ stores and very few MJ stockists, so this bag is no where to be found down under.

    So, my question is - have any of you lovelies seen this bag in any store? Because if any of you have, I am calling that store immediately and doing a phone order!

    P.S. This is the bag :love:

  2. Don't give up! You will find your dream bag, I promise!
  3. there is always eBay!!
  4. I would suggest trying ebay as well. But, remember to post it on the authenticate this thread first to get it looked at by all the experts here!
  5. I saw about five of these at the Bloomingdales in Tysons Corner Mall, McLean, VA. The phone number should be on the bloomingdale's webpage.
  6. Oooh thanks kiss_p! Buuut I found one on ebay, yay! You girls were right :yahoo:

    Can't wait til it arrives :shame:
  7. Hi M Ciel. I'm from Australia as well and I do know that NM and BG both ship internationally. You just have to order by phone or by online chat. Good luck! :smile:
  8. Oooh that's great to know for future reference! Thanks :smile:
  9. Post pics when you get it!
  10. You may want to take a look into Bongo http://www.bongous.com mail forwarding services. There is a good demo on the home pages, but basically they give you a US address and will forward goods internationally. Setting up an account takes a bit, they really screen you, but its a great service.
  11. IT ARRIVED IT ARRIVED IT ARRIVED!!! Yay! And it's more beautiful than I even imagined! :biggrin:




  12. ^ congrats! show us a photo! :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful bag! Congrats!!
  14. I really like that bag! Enjoy her. It makes me miss my black softy faridah. :crybaby: