Mission Impossible: 05 Accessories

  1. Can anyone please help me find a Magenta 05 and Turquoise 05 accessory? I'm really dying to have these:shame:

  2. I 2nd this request, after I saw Deana GORGEOUS 05 Turq CP :drool:
  3. I'll voice a third. Would love to have something in that gorgeous 05 Turq:love:
  4. I'd love a boobie/planet in turquoise 05:drool:
  5. RDC has a couple of Planets - I remember they were blue, but not sure which one. I've been looking for brighter colored CP's too - they are in short supply!
  6. ^^RDC's was/is cornflower. She has a bronze one too. Gorgeous :love:

    Add me to the want list for the 05 accessories ;)
  7. ^^^ What's RDC please?
    Only cornflower and bronze?
    There must be some Turquoise 05 planets left around he world... if anybody helped me locate one at some retailer/reseller I would be infinitely grateful!
  8. ^^^thanks! But no turquoise 05 :crybaby:
  9. ^^ 05 turq planet's will be ridiculously hard to come by... don't give up though! I highly doubt there are any in a store, you'll have to scour the resell shops. RDC, eBay, etc.
  10. I think I've only seen 2 turq boobies ever. can't remember who they went to though. really kicking myself for not getting donna's boobies when she gave them all up.
  11. I can't get the Turq 05 Boobie out of my head..:tender:
  12. I once found a brand new apple green boobie on the bay for 280 bin once:yahoo:! I was so excited I almost fell out of my chair. They are very hard to find but don't give up hope, they are out there. I am waiting for the little 05 turq cp love of my life to come along, then I will be complete:upsidedown:
  13. Why thank you!!! That one was a lucky find! A friend of mine knew someone who had a brand new 05 Turq CP, and was going to sell it. She knew I had been looking for 05 CP's at the time, and I was very lucky to get to her before she listed it. My 05 Pink CP was won on eBay, and my 05 White Mini (the tiny hardware is soooo adorable), was from a Bbag friend. A month or so back, I saw the only 05 Magenta CP I have ever seen on eBay. It was being sold by a pf-er, and our very own FirstClass won it. It was brand new and gorgeous!!!



    I just got an Electric Blue CP, and although it is not 05 Turquoise, it is still a very pretty, and vibrant color! Good luck in your search!!!
  14. If you are on a die hard mission to get these accessories you need to check all consignment shops daily as well as fleabay. Good luck!