Mission HG Accomplished!!!

Miss Evy Rocks!

Dec 15, 2007
Lima>San Francisco>Wonderland
Okay, okay...

The first time I got PCE, DBF talked me out of buying "the one that got away." :crybaby:I was even sadder when I found out they were sold out [for the time being]. Then the $50 coupon came in the mail and I could only find this bag on eBA¥ :sad: So at this point I have lost all hope and I was willing to settle for it in Beet... And on top of that, I have shunned the boutique I have been visiting since I started collecting Coach because I felt pressured to BIN and also because one of the SAs from there came in here to point fingers at me and blah blah blah :yucky:
So then I went to visit the other boutique (which is bigger and a tad friendlier) and what do
see when I walk in?
The one that got away!!! :nuts:

I swear I was so freaking overjoyed I think I ran over to her!!!

I tried her on and it was love :love:

Of course it was the display and the last one, so I had to get her with my PCE :yahoo:

Oh, and the matching wallet to my Heritage Stripe Tote in Berry too :tup:

Well, here she is... What I believe to be my first HG, from many to come I'm sure ;)