Mission Accomplished! L'AMore Collection Completed!

  1. :yahoo: I finally got my L'Amore Corriere from Hawaii! I can't thank you all enough for being such helpful people all around. A big hug to *addict* for helping me find this last piece.

    Will post pics when I get it prolly end of next week! Muah!!!
  2. Congrats!! :tup:
  3. omg that's so awesome! ahhh i'd love to have every bag in amore! all those colors!
  4. Wow, a corriere coming from Hawaii must have been a chunk of change!!

    So what are you planning on doing with all these bags? Are they truly just a "collection" that you're gonna hold on to and stare at, or do you plan on using them...?
  5. Yay that rocks! well done :party:
  6. congrats!!! let's see pix! :smile:
  7. awww congrats cant wait to see the pics :yes::yes:
  8. Woohoo.. Awesome.. Congrats :tup:... :party:
    I would love a L'amore Corriere but that's prob whole lot of $..
  9. omg great job!! I cann't WAIT to see pictures of everything!!
  10. CONGRATS!:yahoo::tup::wlae:

    Can't wait to see the entire collection together!

    What luck finding a the Corriere, where'd they find it?!

    I'm so Happy for YOu!
  11. :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave::dothewave: CONGRATS!!! I cannot believe you got the entire collection!!! :amazed: Can't wait to see the pics. I too am curious to know if you're going to use any of them or save them all?
  12. wow, that is AMAZING- congrats lovely!!
  13. omg i so envy you! >__<; congrats though!!!
  14. Hooray, congrats, pinkpeony!! I guess everything worked out with your Mamma Mia as well?
  15. congrats on your collection..I'm glad I could help!