Missing Us Weekly

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  1. I have a subscription to US weekly and it hasn't been showing up the past 3 issues. My sister also mentioned that her subscription at work just stopped coming as well. Their CS blamed it on the post office saying that my mail was undeliverable and that i should check with them or maybe my address was incorrect. I have a sneaking suspicion that we're not the only ones who haven't been getting our mags. Can anyone else confirm that you haven't been getting yours?
  2. I've been getting mine.
  3. I've gotten mine ok too!
  4. I haven't been getting mine either! I thought maybe my subscription had expired, but I was sure that wasn't until December. This makes me wonder...
  5. WORDPAST...
    You can go to the website and under subscription services, tell them which issues you're missing so they can readjust your order, but i would try calling them. They gave me some BS story about how the post office returned an issue to them saying it was "undeliverable" so they just stopped sending altogether. And that they would resume.

    I wonder if they'll feed you the same story as they did me...
  6. I had a subscription last year and I kept missing issues. Email them and asked them for your missing issues.
  7. OMG i have been missing my US weekly magazine too!!! For like the past month!! My subscription was for a year and paid for so I dont know why it stopped!
  8. well... when i talked with their CS, I asked her why they never tried to contact me, they just stopped sending my issues and she had no answer... seems like they expect you to follow up and if you don't it's your loss...
  9. They gave me the same BS story, "The Post Office said it was undeliverable." Funny, seeing as though I haven't moved and I've gotten every other magazine and bill. They said they would resend and extend my subscription.
  10. I've been getting them for years and only 2 missing issues. No problems recently.
  11. very interesting :confused1: i didn't receive mine last week. i went online and reported it, they responded that they are extending my subscription an extra week. i received the current issue just fine, and hopefully it will stay that way...a while back i had problems receiving it late (like wed or thurs, when usually i'd get it by mon at the lastest) i wrote them a sob story (it was quite humorous if you ask me :rolleyes:hehe) after that i hadn't had any problems since last week.
  12. Mine have been showing up, though sometimes they're a little late. I get so annoyed when they're late. I need my guilty pleasure!

  13. That's bull! So if they decide that they want to stop sending me my magazines after I have paid for them it is still my job to call them?! Pathetic!
  14. I had a subscription about a year ago and there were a few issues that went missing. When I called they told me to recall again in like a week or so because they didnt consider it lost/late until like a week or so after the date on the magazine? Something along those lines. They were always very friendly when I called about the missing magazines. Definitly call since you paid for the magazine and should be receiving it.
  15. I had a feeling they would... I wonder if it's some story they concoct in order to defer your anger to someone else. Stupid US weekly. When my subsciption runs out, I'm switching to People.