Missing the speedy sag!!

  1. I just purchased a 'purse brite' organizer for my damier speedy 25 because I was getting frustrated trying to find stuff in this bottomless pit and now the bag sits upright and there's no sag at all! :sad: I actually liked the way the bag looked before with the sag but hate not having things organized! Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe I should carry less clutter and leave out the organizer? :s I think the only cure for this is if the speedy came with more interior pockets!:idea:
  2. Yes, I feel the same. In a way, out of all my bags I feel as though the Speedy was created to carry all my "clutter"....so what can you do?

    Actually, my Speedy only sags when I carry less. With more in the bag, it is stuffed from corner to corner.
  3. i find that once i spread all of my items between the makeup case, wallet, agenda, and the small pocket the sag was still there and i also didn't have to search for my items in the bottomless pit....
  4. I love the sag on a speedy! I have a mini lin and tried a purseket but it kept the bag too structured for me. So, I just keep everything in their smaller bags and cases and lay the flat things along the bottom and the flimsier things on top so everything stays organized and there is just a perfect amount of sag! :yes:
  5. Just get lots of cosmetic cases!
  6. LOL pockets would be great :smile:
  7. I'm now using a pochette as a big pocket for inside my speedy.. lets see how that works.
  8. I like a little bit of sag, not a ton just a wee bit, it's cute.
  9. Great idea, Bag Fetish....I may just have to do that!:yes:
  10. I think I might be a bit weird. I love my speedy a saggin. And, I wouldn't like the organizer...I like my stuff just hangin' out doing their thing all over the bag.
  11. Funny thread. I hate sagging speedies !!:p
  12. I bought a purseket but i havent used it because i like the sag...i just put all my make up stuff in a make up bag, pens etc in another little kit, then my wallet and keys. So everything has its own little bag but i still have my sag....
  13. i love how the speedy works either way!
    you can put cardboars in it if you dont want a sag, and if you do, just take it out!
  14. i just got my damier speedy 25. I figured if i put a right size cardboard at the bottom of the bag and wrap it up nicely, there won't be a sag. And it's not heavy at all =D
  15. i have a purse organizer but my speedy still has a little sag because my wallet is heavy...plus the baby wipes..cellphone..and so on....;)