Missing the good old days

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  1. Is anyone else out there bemoaning the reduced quality and overly trendy styling of Coach bags of late? I was at my FP boutique today, and the SA showed me a bag with polyester lining - I mean, come on!!! Polyester??? No more silk? And cheap magnet closures instead of the quality zippers and turnlocks? The last bag I bought FP was the Garnet, and I think I'm finished. My SA said that she thinks the Legacy and Tattersall linings are a thing of the past. Apparently, Coach had a hugely profitable 4th quarter last year, so they seem to have the go-ahead to keep making cheaper-looking bags that are far from the classic glove-tanned leather of the "old days". Sigh..... I'm now checking out ebay regularly for "new with tags" offerings of the oldies but goodies - Legacy, Soho, Zoe and some of the vintage stuff. I have a really old article that I cut out of Glamour magazine in the 80s (don't ask why I kept it this long!!??): it was called "What's worth buying". They mentioned Chanel jackets, crisp high quality white shirts - and a well-made, durable, classically-styled Coach bag. What I saw today in the FP boutique doesn't even come close. Please tell me I'm not alone in missing classic Coach!
  2. I'm with you. I have loved Coach for many years and still love many of their bags, but so many of their current styles seem very trendy and I like handbags that I will love for years. The last two times I've been in one of the FP stores, I've come out with nothing. Husband was wondering if I was sick....
  3. agreed! I had a 200.00 credit and I dont live anywhere near an outlet, so, I just had THE hardest time trying to pick out a bag? Nothing jumped out at me, and alot of it was because of exactly what you said..so sad..I find myself stalking Bonanzle and the bay for the good stuff!! Stuff that is timeless and durable!!:wlae:
  4. I totally agree with you ladies! I tend to go with more of the classic bags myself even with the color of the leathers I choose....although I do have a few current pieces. I find myself surfing the *bay and bonanzle for the timeless classic pieces also. My absolute favorite bag is the one I re-bought off of the *bay last year...my beloved Bleecker Satchel in Camel from the late '90's...the made in the USA leather is TDF!! So thick and dreamy..sad to see those days are gone. :shrugs:
  5. O'h so missing Legacy and Bleeker. :crybaby:
  6. i don't know... i was pouring over coach.com earlier and i actually thought there was a good mix of classic styling (sydney, ella, leather satchel, domed satchel, peyton leather shoulder bag etc) and of the moment pieces (bella tote, poppy pocket hobo, mixed media and patterned audreys)... and of course, they still have the "coach classics" section... whenever i think there's nothing there for me style wise, i head over to the travel section and find boat loads of thick heavy leather pieces promising decades of longevity
  7. I miss 2000 - 2007 Coach, that's when it was the best!!!
  8. I miss the 04-07 leathers... the nylons as well... and I was never in or aware of the older coaches that didn't have the lining and were just resilient leathers and well worth the investment.
  9. I recently had a long winded post about my feelings about the decline in the quality as well. It is really sad, because I used to spend a lot of money at FP stores ONLY on brand new bags. However, I feel terrible when my SA's call or send me a postcard asking where I have been. I have told them that I am sorry, but I just do not care for the new bags at all, and to me, they look REALLY cheap and will be a cinch for some idiot, knock-off jackhole to copy. It makes me sick, really. I am still carrying my legacy satchel in whiskey, and I absolutely LOVE it and the bags that we made like it. Whatever happened to the thick, heavy leathers and quality materials???

  10. I'm having so much fun with my Cambridge and Parker bags that I hardly noticed the good old days were gone! To be honest, I'm getting a little tired of Legacy stuff. (Please nobody throw erasers or crumpled paper at your computer after reading that!) hehe

  11. Not throwing erasers at the computer screen ;) !! I like the styling of Parker too -I have a Parker hippie which I think is great and a very unique style. Styles do change, and I do acknowledge that some of the really old vintage styles (Court bag, Binocular bag for instance), while elegant, just aren't as practical for today - no cell phone holder etc. It's just that the quality of those old bags was so much better. Even the more recent leather Zoes were gorgeous and will be in style forever.
  12. I really like the new stuff, I am in love with poppy, I guess because I am young, it totally works for me. I cant really get into the all leather bags. So currently I am happy with Coach, but that could always change
  13. There has been a definite drop in quality over the past year or two, but I do enjoy seeing the new bags in a variety of styles coming out every 4 weeks. Some I like, some I don't, but it's all fun!

    When were the linings made of silk? I thought they were always some sort of polyester.
  14. I'm hoping the new Kristen's coming out soon for spring will be more classic looking. I do like the large Kristen shoulder bag that's been out for a while. It's a pretty classic look and I think the leather is really nice.

  15. Maybe I was wrong when I said silk?? I checked some of the descriptions on the bay and they say "satin" . Not sure I know the difference between silk and satin!? (But what I saw today was cheap polyester, that's for sure!)