Missing stones from my J'adior Earrings

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  1. Hi all,

    I bought a pair of the sparkly J'adior earrings in Paris 2 years ago and have worn it less than five times since I first bought it. However, when I went to wear it last week, it turns out that one of the stones fell out in the "r" of J'Adior. Does anyone know the price for replacement at Dior? Thank you!!

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  2. Unfortunately you need to ask first if they do it, as i have asked for repairs (replating) before and they don't do on costume jewelry...
    If you are in Paris though it might be done even if not done in other countries. I know that Chanel repairs with no cost falling stones etc, and Gucci even sunglasses so it doesn't hurt to try :smile:
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  3. Ok thank you:smile:
  4. I bought a pair of La Petite Tribale earrings last month. The SA told me that it will be free replacement for the pearls if any dropped out in the future.
  5. I purchased from local boutique , My ABC Earrings pearls dropped out after 4 months. Brought back to Dior still waiting for them fixing it. Its one and a half month now. :hrmm:
  6. I would like to update here! My ABC earrings are back from repair. Its FOC :flowers:
  7. Wow thank you for the happy update! :smile:) as for me, I happened to be in LA and stopped by the Rodeo Drive and the (rude) SA automatically turned me away and said that he doesn't have any info about the cost. I'd have to have the them send the earrings to Paris, have them fixed, and then they'll get a quote of how much it is. Does anyone have experience with this? I'll probably drop them by in my local SF boutique soon.
  8. Yes. I did send in my Diorama bag for stitching issues. Waited for few weeks, the SA called and inform me the quotation to fix. And if agreed, they will proceed and send it back once its done :smile:
    I paid about SGD90 for the bag stitching.
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