Missing Shopmom...

  1. Does anyone else miss Shopmom??? I wish she were back, because I've been spending money this weekend like a madwoman, I need her back to take over again!!!!!!:lol:

    When she comes back, I can go back to saving..............

    Bet she's having a ball!!!!!!!!!

    OK - here's my guess........at least three purchases at Hermes Bellagio this weekend....what do you girls think??????
  2. miss her too. and three sounds about right. my guess a plume in rouge H a silk scarf and either a small leather item or some cashmere :smile:
  3. a bag, for sure!!!!!
  4. Yeah, I miss her... she's so funny and sweet...I really hope she's having a great time! After having cared for the sale of her Mom's house, with all the emotional stress and hard work that that comprises, she really deserves to relax and have a GREAT time!!!!:beach:

    Come back D.!!!!! I miss you!!!!!:hysteric:
  5. My guess:
    Rouge H Bolide in vache liegee/gold hardware
    Another cashmere shawl in gold
    Coin purse
  6. I miss Shopmom too. I have no guess about her purchases but I can't wait to hear about them.
  7. I know - it's not the same without her here!

    She got SOMETHING in rouge H, for sure...
  8. Miss you Shopmom.:crybaby:
  9. I miss her too! When we got back last night I was so hoping to read about what she's been up to in Vegas. Hopefully having a relaxing time now after all that work! I hope she found something in Rouge H and some other wonderful stuff so we can see pics. Miss you D!:flowers:
  10. Aaah I miss her too! No idea what she's getting but I'm sure we'll love it!
  11. I miss her too! She is definitely leaving her mark on Vegas! Cannot wait till she gets back!
  12. Shopmom, oh, Shopmom, where art thou our Shopmom.............
  13. after a whirlwind shopping expedition, D's probably kicking back poolside - admiring her new purchases w/ adorable cabana boys awaiting her beck & call.:beach:
  14. I miss her too...:sad:

    I'm guessing 2 bags with at least one being major! :graucho:
  15. Where is that woman! I'm calling the store to see if she bought them out!

    Shopmom, we miss you, :sad: