Missing Shark Mystery SOLVED! *Pics of the search mission inside*

  1. This is an update to the thread My shark disappeared in my fishtank! . I still can't believe how many of you were curious and even cared, most people like cats and dogs, not sharks! I loved the comments and pictures at the end :lol:. Anyway, without delaying further..here's what happened..

    For better or worse me and DH decided to poke around the tank to find any evidence. It was actually DH's idea that I take pics for my "friends on the forum" so you can thank him. To refresh your memory, here is the scene of the crime..well where my shark disappeared:

  2. :popcorn:
  3. Hmm..nothing under the rock except for lobster-boy (some fish that looks like a lobster). Notice that the shark would be too big to hide under the gravel. Before DH started poking around the gravel I told him to check the "tree"..the decorative thing in the corner incase there were holes in it that we were unaware of.

    shark 011.jpg
  4. OYE what's this?! Is that a shark in the tree!?! How on earth did it get there! It's too big! Let's take a look..


    I think that IS the shark! How do we get it out? :crybaby:
    shark 012.jpg
  5. So the shark was and is in the tree. I don't see it exectly. So its alive.
  6. The stench that came from the tree was nauseating, perhaps he got stuck in there and died. DH shook the tree a few times...we saw some fin movement! Praise the lobster he's alive! DH shook the tree some more...then he tried using the water that came out of the filter to try and force sharkie out. Still nothing. Then DH tried poking him with a stick through another hole in the tree. Nothing. Hmm..perhaps the fin movement was just the water moving his dead body with the current? :s

    For better or for worse we had to get him out though..so DH somehow managed to grab a hold of his tail. Shark boy was very slimy:yucky: so DH couldn't get a grip. At this point we still weren't sure if he was alive or not, so DH pulled gently on his tail...


    shark 026.jpg
  7. :wtf:
  8. EWWW!! And not just eww but I was so scared that we were either going to hurt him if he was alive or break off his degenerating tail if he was dead. Bad news was that he was stuck. DH pulled real hard but sharkie didn't move. He obviously did not get in through this hole. We must find the hole he got in through and try to get him out through there! :sweatdrop:

    shark 027.jpg
  9. OMG thsi is thrilling is he alive is he dead who knows hurry!!!!!
  10. Oh gosh, poor shark! I hope it's alright!
  11. :wtf::wtf::crybaby:Please let this be a happy ending!!!
  12. So Dh pushed him back in. Hmm..eh? Sharkie is that you?


    Is he alive then?:nuts:


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo: He's alive! Phew! :sweatdrop:

    Aww..poor baby!
    shark 028.jpg shark 029.jpg
  13. OMG

    I am also waiting for UPS, so I dont think I can handle this....

    I am going to hyperventilate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. AWWWWWW!!! He is so cute!! Thank God he is alive!! You and your DH saved little sharkey!!:yahoo:
  15. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:


    Thank heavens!!!!!!!!!!!

    honestly if they took my blood pressure now they would do heart surgery on me in a hot second....