Missing Qees on bags?

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  1. i just picked up an arancia ciao ciao @ century21 and ALL bags there were missing qees!! is this something that is commonplace at ALL the century21's in the metro area?
    has anyone been to the century 21 in Paramus, NJ by any chance?
  2. hahah, i bet you people were stealing them off the bags if they're just laying around.
  3. yup. that happens a LOT. Macy's in SF even keeps all the qees behind the checkout counter and they give it to you when you purchase...
  4. Wow, that's totally messed up. IDK our Lesportsacs keep the bags in the back or like under the tables in locked drawers and only bring them out when you're buying something. Other than that, there's just the display ones out.
  5. i hope i never run into this problem.. :[ i will be saddened..
  6. All the tokis were missing their qees? Hmm every bag I've bought so far from Century have had the qees attached. Weird. Altho I did notice that 2 arancia portas had the qees missing. And do bracialettos come with qees cuz if they do then those were missing too.
  7. braccialettos don't have them..some scuolas when i first found tokis there were missing qees but afterwards..most bags I saw had them. I was switching a qee from one bag I didn;t want to one I wanted b/c someone stole it and the SA thought i was trying to steal it until I explained to her about print placement. she tried to take it off, and even though I didn;t want that one, I squinted at how she was taking it off and ruining the leather and said...why don't you let me do that ...and she just gave it to me...she was also like 'those are worth money???'
  8. I was just at the c21 in paramus, nj and all the bags there had qees on them..the funny thing is..they're attatched to the carabiner, which unfortunately makes it easy for people to take them off...but thank goodness no one did at that location! *whew*
  9. Stupid SAs. Oh freakin duh the qee is worth money. I would say it's not worth THAT much, but it's still worth something. If people on eBay are buying it, it must be worth something haha.
  10. if all bags are missing them, there might be a slight chance that you'll get your qee at the time of purchase. i work at macy's and i had all my associates take the qees off so that people can't steal them. we give ours to the customer at the time of purchase. (this doesn't apply to all macy's though.)
  11. yeah..i asked the SAs about the missing qees (thinking they may have held them behind the counter), but she just laughed and said, "people probably stole them" and continued to laugh?!! weird funny.
  12. Well, at least she wasn't totally ignorant about it? LOL. She actually thought it was funny. HEH. If it was my store, I would call the cops on people who stole qees lmfao. I'm just a badass like that though. I wouldn't tolerate it, even if I didn't own it and just worked for the store, I'd be pissed.
  13. they shouldn't sell you them without the qee becuz the price tag says "TWO ITEMS" purchase @_@ so yeah i think stores should do something about that...
  14. It's terrible to have missing qees! I'm usually paranoid about qees, and scoured the auctions to get an authentic spare qee. Apparently the seller had a spare one from the several toki bags she owned. Be careful when buying qees from auctions though. Lots of ppl trying to pass off fake qees as authentic. Ask for photos of serial number at based of qee's foot.
  15. I guess it's just me who doesn't really care about the qees. I mean, I gave away two hahahahahaha to my mom & cousin. IDK, I don't see why they're on denaros and caramellas haha. I think I would be irritated if they weren't on the bags and they're supposed to be though...