Missing PMs :-(

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  1. Its not the first time it has happened to me, I sent PMs and they never reach my gals. It doesnt happen on regular basis but more like in waves, sometimes two of them wont reach the recipient, then everything is okey then next 3 wont reach and so on and on...

    Is there anything that I am possibly doing wrong? I dont want to have to check every single PM to see if my Friends got it:sad: Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. This has happened to me too. Only a couple of times but still... my friends think I've not responded and it makes me look like a rude, ignorant so and so when I'm not, and I've never actually received their PMs. Can someone please look into this. TIA.
  3. I haven't had any issues{?}
    Anyone else?
  4. NO.. and wondering.. are the PM's showing up in your SENT box, but not being received by the recipient??
    If they are not showing up in the SENT box, could be an issue w/ your internet timing out prior to them being fully sent...??
  5. Yes they are showing in the sent section. And I just found out that another PFer sent me a PM that I never received.:sweatdrop:
  6. Hmmm... very bizarre, Nat. TO MY KNOWLEDGE, I have not had this happen, but obviously, "to my knowledge" would be the KEY, eh?
    Sounds like a possible glitch w/in the site... needs to go to Vlad and/or Florian for further investigation. And you might advise them as to dates/times that this happens. And do you have any recollection if WHEN this happens, is your PM box pretty full??
  7. For example it happened today. And I never have more than 30 msgs in my box, I delete on regular basis :sweatdrop:

    thanks for being helpful ! :heart:
  8. I wish I knew how to BE more helpful! From what you have said, I see no issues that should cause this. You need the pro-guys who run this place!
  9. Vlad will see this soon:yes:
  10. I had this problem around this time last year when I was selling something on the MP. I had a potential buyer who wouldn't respond, but then she said she did respond and that I never responded (which I did). Of course, she could be fibbing... but it seemed genuine.
  11. Personally, I do not see any indication of PMs disappearing... everything's functioning the way it should.