Missing padlock and keys on Bayswater, price, special purchase or not?

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  1. It doesn't look like a Special Purchase to me, just that the cloche fell off! There is no '00' stamped on the interior Mulberry badge so no fault with it either.

    Didn't someone on here (LimitedEdition maybe?) have a cloche made for her SP Bays and wasn't it only £25? Don't quote me on that though.
  2. It looks like a perfect bag to me at a bargain price. Let's face it who ever uses the keys and padlock?
  3. I don't! They are good for hanging a bag charm from though.
  4. Don't know whether it's a special purchase, but for reference I rang the factory shop last week and their special purchase bayswaters are priced at £415.
  5. auctionista is an excellent seller; you will be getting a guaranteed authentic bag at an excellent price, which to me would make up for the fact that the cloche and padlock are missing. And it has feet - to me, that's the main thing. Lots of people hang a keyring or charm from the Bays handle instead, or you can buy a replacement cloche from Mulberry if its absence bothers you - I think it costs £25. If you don't snap it up quickly, you can be sure someone else will!

    Let us know what you decide :biggrin:
  6. #7 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    From my reading of the description I think it is only missing the actual padlock and keys not the clochette. Am I right? I wouldn't imagine it would cost much to replace these.

    Just read it again. The whole clochette would need to be replaced. I know that you can arrange this through mulberry. I think it is £25 for a new clochette. I know for me the feet are more important. The do protect the bottom of the bag when you put her on the ground.
  7. oooh have seen that it has sold - was it you lea???? :smile:
  8. :busted

    So now I am seriuosly a :couch: for the rest of the year!

  9. ^ seems like a gorgeous bag - well worth going on a ban for!!!

    Congratulations :biggrin:
  10. oh no! how did i miss this!!! well done though Lea! - although I been after a black or choc for ages!! x
  11. Late to this one so couldn't see pics - the specials have the mulberry disc on the opposite side not on the pocket side iykwim .....clochette can be replaced for about £25 .....haven't done this myself yet but planning to soon.
    Congratulations !
  12. oh congrats looks lovely, yeah again as mentioned it is £25 to replace clochette i sent my outlet special off to have one but they said no leather match was available at the moment and to check back to try again but i have a keyring on there now so dont think i will bother.
  13. Well done Lea-M, you have bagged (sorry) a great classic!

    'Look forward to your formal reveal, congrats again!