Missing out on the Boutique Experience?

  1. Hi All!
    Just wanted to get your thoughts. I live about an hour away from the closest LV store. So I purchae off of E-Lux. My question is what am I missing out on by not having my personal SA? I don't buy but 1-2 pieces a year so I'm not sure it's even worth it. I almost rather same the amount on tax and apply it to a new purchase later on, but at the same time I miss out. So those of you who have done both what do you think?
  2. Umm...You're going to be torn. It's nice to have a contact incase something comes in or VIP events, things like that. You know? On the other hand if you spend the same amount of money in gas as you do for the bag it's not worth it, IMO!! But either way has it's pros and cons! But yeah, there is my 2 cents!
  3. I live 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from one but I always go to the boutique. That's how I got my Azur speedy a while ago when they were harder to get. They knew I wanted one and when I came back to the shop before I left the mall they had just recieved one and let me buy it.
  4. I think is really fun the boutique experience if u have a good SA because otherwise is nothing speciall
  5. I have only bought 1 item (amarante) off of the UK site, and that was only because it was available online before it hit the shops and I had to have it;). Ended up taking it back to the store because I didn't like it enough:sad:

    I prefer buying from the store because I like to see what I am getting IRL before parting with money. Also, I am very lucky to be only 45 minutes (max) from the 5 London stores & it is cheaper for me to visit one of them than it is to pay for postage (and possible return postage).

    Also it is kind of cool walking along with the smart brown bags (I know, but I'm a bit of a show off).

  6. I have a few SAs who will help me out at both LVs I go to. But, I haven't forged a very strong connection with them because I buy at eLux to save on tax and gas money. If I need something badly that eLux doesn't have, the SAs find what I need. I say, if you're making 1-2 purchases per year, it may not be worth lingering around an LV boutique not buying anything.
  7. I say if it a big ticket item, buy thru eLux. At the same time I have made smaller purchases at the boutique and maybe a handbag or two.

    While I do not have relationship with an SA, I will admit, it keeps my confidence level up as it pertains to these luxury item stores like LV Chanel Dior etc
  8. hmmm i def. say the boutique experience is worth it. esp since i also live at least an hour from the closest LV, but my store is 2 hours away in NYC. i won't buy anywhere else. but especially if you only buy 1-2 pieces a year, i would go out of my way to go to the boutique :smile:
  9. I always go to the boutique because it's just 30minutes away and because I prefer to check out the items before buying. Some pieces that look so great in pictures may not look that good IRL eg. the neverfull bag and the amarante bags(with the fingerprint problem). Nothing beats the boutique experience!
  10. Virtual shopping is convenient. If you want to enjoy the entire experience of LV. You must go to the tore to see items that are exclusive only to the boutique. I think those of us who are hours away from LV really loose out on those special and hard to come by items. JMO :flowers: An hour is hardly considered far to commute.
  11. I live at least 3 hours from a LV boutique, so I have used elux several times. I enjoy saving the tax and the $$ back from e b a t e s.
    However, this past March I went to Vegas and had my first LV boutique experience. It was great to be able to see all the different bags IRL and have someone there that could talk to you about them.
    I will continue to use both options in the future.
  12. In my opinion I've never felt comfortable going to boutiques, Spain had a lovely SA but Rome was very busy and slightly rushed. I felt awkward in Selfridges in London :sad: I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I felt just as excited getting my Speedy through the post than I did buying my Cerise cles' from Spain :smile:
  13. I live 3 hours away from the nearest boutique and have never been. For my birthday this fall I want to take a trip there. I want to see the bags IRL so I can start to shop used for them online.

    So that's one downfall of online shopping. I won't shop used online because usually you can't return and I won't buy something I've never seen if I can't return it. Hmmm, considering my CC, maybe that's a good thing!
  14. Interesting question.

    If I'm on the fence about a bag I'll go to the boutique to see it IRL. If I know I want a certain bag, I'll just order it from elux. To me it saves time (and shipping cost :yes:). Buying from the boutique for me is fine for the special event invites and VIP gifts but if you only buy a few bags a year I say save the tax and get it from elux.
  15. I am the type of girl that I must touch the bag, try it on, etc. first.