Missing my lv bags

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  1. So had a modest collection in a small time but then sold them all for more Chanel. I am honestly really missing my neverfull and speedy, but I hate purchasing things I already owned. Has this happened to you? What did you do?
  2. If you miss it, then absolutely repurchase! Speedy and NF are beautiful, classic, functional bags!
  3. Yes I've sold and repurchased but then SOLD AGAIN! The items I sell are items I don't use or items that are noonger compatible with my lifestyle. I have 4 kids and my bag needs have changed as they have grown. I don't sell to fund anything so for me the reasons for selling eventually popped up again and I sold! It's an expensive lesson!

    If you sold ONLY to fund Chanel, and you truly found Neverfull and Speedy useful, then I would repurchase. If you sold for other reasons such as those bags weren't compatible for your lifestyle or you just didn't love them, etc, then I would not repurchase.

    Hope that helps!
  4. I agree. Only rebuy if the bags were useful.

    There are some bags I've sold that I truly miss, but when I thought about repurchasing them, I realize why I got rid of them in the first place. A good majority of them did not fit my lifestyle and were replaced by bags that fit the bill!
  5. I think you should go ahead and repurchase as long as the bags worked for you and you did enjoy them when you had them. If you do not want the same exact bag maybe you can get a different print speedy or NF.
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  6. Finally purchased a new speedy. This time a preloved monogram 30. The one I sold was a speedy b azur 25.
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  7. Congratulations on your purchase! I'm sure you'll love the worry free wear of the mono and the 30 will be very functional. Enjoy it!
  8. Thank you.