Missing Make up!

  1. :crybaby:Ok so I lost my entire make-up bag this week and I could absolutly kick my own @$$. Im sooo upset I feel like I lost my purse or something lol. I dont have the $ to just go and replace it all at once even though my clinique foundation was the most expensive thing in there. Just wanted to vent! :drool::sad::tdown:And in case your wondering how i lost it i left it at school and now it's gone! I go to cosmetology school so no one would dare throw it away but im sure some nasty gross person probally took it! I would'nt say that but every one's stuff seems to grow legs and walk away all the time at school! Who would take some one else's make up??!! ewww I wouldnt dare put some one's elses make up on me that i found, who no's what you would catch
  2. ^ Yeah, really... Who would wear makeup they just found?!

    My ex bf's hockey gear was stolen out of his car twice at school. Someone actually stole his dirty smelly padding! People will steal ANYTHING!!!

    I'm sorry this happened to you. That sucks. I would be really bummed too :crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the sympathy...lol..this will atleast force me to go and buy some new make up i couldnt even begin to tell how old some it was:yucky:
  4. i'm so sorry sweetie! that's awful, i know if i'd break down and cry if i lost my makeup bag. that's a lot of money to replace all the stuff. i hope things work out!
  5. Aw, luv. Sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to get everything you need again, soon. :hugs!:
  6. ^ Sorry that happen to you. That's nasty if someone really took it... :yucky::yucky:
  7. That's horrible!! I've left my makeup bag on my desk at work several times, but luckily, everyone's sensible enough not to take it. Or at least not yet. I hope you get a chance to replace it soon!