missing: latte sticker... last seen: somewhere in san diego

  1. this past thursday night, i put a latte sticker i got from comic con on my car's rear window. saturday night i go to my friend's house down south and i wanted to show her my sticker, but then it was gone!!! :cursing:

    who would want to steal a used sticker??? :mad: i guess someone is way too cheap to buy their own sticker and had to take mine... that's just rude. i'm just more pissed about the principal of it... :rant:

    now i'm sad because i have no idea where to find that sticker :crybaby: ... anyone know where i can find the latte sticker? :sos: i knew i should have bought more...

    san diego tokidoki fans... beware a tokidoki thief is roaming around!!! :ninja:
  2. when i went to la last month, i got mine at japanla. you could call them and probably get it shipped to you. what a cheapo thief!! i can't believe someone ripped your sticker off!
  3. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang... That's messed up!!

    Well, I had bought a Latte sticker on e-Bay so maybe you can find one on there...?
  4. What?!?! I can't believe someone would do that!! That's just LAME and PATHETIC of them to steal a sticker! Geez.. they should buy their own sticker! LOL I hope you get it! eBay or JapanLA works! :smile:
  5. Wait, did they actually peel the sticker off from the window?? wtf. They didn't consider oh, looking at the name on the sticker to look it up later? People are weird.
  6. They have them for sale on the JapanLA website~
  7. that is so pathetic to peel a sticker off someone's car window! i just can't believe it!
  8. That is lame! It's already used.
  9. omg, people need to get a life! i can't believe people nowdays!
  10. ooo sorry thats just stupid... sumone did sumthing like that to me too.. i had this thing over my antena that was this foam thing of that owl from the tootsie pop commercial and i had it for awhile then it was just gone :sad: sad
  11. They come free if you order from Tokidoki.it

    I can't believe someone would peel a sticker off a car to steal. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Some people have absolutely no conscience.:cursing:
  12. People take the most trivial things from cars, I swear!! My dad had a "Support The Troops" ribbon sticker (or magnet?) on his car and someone stole it!!
  13. It's funny you should mention that...we went into Target one afternoon a year or two ago and when we came out someone had slapped one of those yellow ribbon magnets on our car. I'm assuming they swiped it off someone else's car to put it on ours. People.:nogood: