Missing Inside Laser Tag?

  1. I recently bought a chanel fur bag, however it does not have any laser tag inside, is it normal? It comes with all other accessories such as authenticity card, in additional it also comes with a chanel quality fur guarantee card. Could anyone let me know if this is normal? I bought it from Saks ..... :shrugs:
  2. do you mean the chanel sticker?? is it part of the chanel sport bags?
  3. I wouldn't worry about it if you bought it from Saks and have the receipt. If you are really worried, then exchange it.
  4. elongreach is right! i wouldnt worry about it...unless you wanted to sell it, when you dont want it or something.. iunno
  5. Sorry I was soooo stupid, unlike my other chanel, it wasn't stick to an extra overhang leather, it was stuck directly onto the bottom of the cell phone pocket..... :shame:
  6. Do you have a pic of that bag???? Is that the one that is made of shearling???? I saw some at NM recently and they looked YUMMY!!!!!! Please post pics if you have them (unless you did already in another thread?)!