Missing girl from Tacoma may have been found near MY HOUSE

  1. I feel so bad for this family. :sad:

    [SIZE=+2]AMBER Alert: Search near Tiger Mountain for missing girl

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]10:58 AM PDT on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]KING5.com Staff[/SIZE]
    [​IMG] Zina Linnik

    ISSAQUAH, Wash. – Searchers from the King and Pierce County Sheriff's Departments are searching an area near Tiger Mountain today after getting a tip in the case of a kidnapped 12-year-old Tacoma girl who has been the focus of an AMBER Alert for nearly a week.

    Spokesman Mark Fulgum says Tacoma Police received a tip about the case. A command post has been set up at Tiger Mountain Summit along Highway 18. Dozens of people and a helicopter are taking part in the search.
    Zina Linnik has been missing since July 4.She and her sisters watched fireworks and played in an alley behind their Tacoma home located near South 25th and J Streets. A family member heard Zina scream, and when her dad ran out of the house to see what happened, he saw a man in a van speeding away.

    Police believe Zina was taken by a man driving an older model, box-shaped gray van, possibly a Toyota or Volkswagon, with a partial plate of 677 or 667.

    During a news conference Monday, Tacoma Police Department Chief Donald Ramsdell asked the public to keep an eye out for unusual behavior that may point to a suspect.

    "The broadcast of the vehicle description makes the vehicle a liability for the offender," said Ramsdell. "The offender will likely seek to distance himself from that liability in many ways. If the vehicle was borrowed, he will immediately return it. He may park the vehicle in an inconspicious location, perhaps covering the vehicle with a tarp or storing the vehicle in the garage out of sight. If questioned, he may explain the vehicle has mechanical problems and is no longer driveable." Ramsdell added the suspect could have changed the vehicle's appearance, possibly repainting it or altering the license plate, or selling it.

    Police say they have been following up to 200 tips and leads since Zina's disapperance, but so far their search efforts have come up empty.
    Zina Linnik is of Ukrainian descent. She is described as white, 4-foot-10, 80 pounds, blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a pink T-shirt, pink/orange/yellow capri pants and red flip-flop sandals. Her hair was in a ponytail.

    Multiple awards are being offered for information leading to the safe return of Zina. The rewards are also for the apprehension and prosecution of the person responsible for the girl's apparent abduction. The FBI is offering $10,000, the Washington State Patrol Trooper Association $5,000, and Tacoma-Pierce County Crimestoppers $1,000.
  2. Oh man...
  3. OMG Roo I remember hearing this on the news...I pray she is OK!!
  4. Well I find this interesting... the reason is that there is a registered sex offender who is registered as living at the bottom of Tiger Mountain Road, near where it intersects highway 18. (We are closer to the other side of Tiger Mountain Road, near the Hobart Rd.) This is the only sex offender registered for about a ten mile radius around where we live... so I find it very interesting that they are searching right around that area. I've been hearing choppers overhead all morning so this explains it. What is funny is that my Mom called me from California and told me she'd heard on the news THERE that there was a search going on near Tiger Mountain.. and of course she knows we live around there....

    I need to go down that way soon so I'll report back if I see anything...

  5. Yikes! That's very sad... let's all keep our fingers crossed that things turn out okay.
  6. Wow........I hope everything turns out good.
  7. I hope she comes home safe.
  8. I was just by there and they have the trailhead closed off and there are a lot of vehicles/news crews there. I don't have a good feeling about this... :sad:
  9. Oh God I hope that she's okay I remembered watching this on the news the morning after her abduction.
  10. I hope that meant they had a lead on the case.
  11. This is awful:sad: I live in fear of my children being abducted.
  12. Yikes. I hope shes ok. I have not heard about this on the news, but I havent been watching either(think thats the reason?) Please keep us updated!
  13. The police have been out in that forest since 7:00 am with dogs in nearly 90 degree heat... so for them to do this, IMO, is not a good sign... apparently the FBI are there too. I told my husband to drive home a different way today since there is a command post set up right near highway 18 and it's loaded with police vehicles and TV vans.

    From what I've heard, they arrested someone associated with a van that matched the description of the one seen taking her. The rumor now is that the person arrested told the police where to search. It makes sense because whoever took her could have easily driven up highway 18 from Tacoma to the Tiger mountain area. They also reported that the person they arrested is a sex offender- not sure if this is the same person who lives nearby or someone else. This is all sketchy right now but I feel so bad for the parents. What a nighmare. :sad:
  14. OMG, another missing child! I so hope she is okay!
  15. We made Nancy Grace's show tonight, it's on right now (CNN)