missing eBay auctions on normal search...

  1. This may not be the place to ask but... why when I do a normal search for Balenciaga bags on eBay do some that are current & in the right country page, not come up in the listing?? I've also had more auctions come up on the Internet Explorer page than going through the MSN home page at the exact same time .... these are both set to the same country for eBay... seems very strange to me & I can't figure out why?? There is one current auction that doesn't come up on either page although it's in CA & I can get to it by the #... :shrugs:
  2. Hey! I've noticed this too, but I have no idea why this happens. Maybe it just has something to do with a flaw in how they update their search engine? Again, just a guess. Maybe someone with more website knowledge will come along and help!

    ...I'm going to move this in the main Balenciaga forum too. :smile:
  3. I was wondering the same thing a couple of days ago.You know the black b-bag that was selling for $755 ?...well when I searched on ebay to see if the bag was still there it never came up for me.I think it's odd how I can see only a few of the bags that are being sold.

    And I never thought of seeing if I get the same search results on IE....i'll have to try that now.
  4. I heard that ebay's just slow at updating their search, so if it's a new listing, it wont be searchable for few hours, even longer if the seller's still editing the listing
  5. yea, I understand that ebay may just be slow but it's strange how some people can see the new listings while others can't for at least a few more hours.............meaning that they might miss out on a good deal,etc.:sad:
  6. Sunshine, I asked a similar question and was told that sometimes the people who post these auctions here have "inside information". So it might be a friend or fellow PFer who knows about the listing and posts it even before it is available in search.
  7. yes, i have the same problem too. the auctions come up when i search things with the same topic on my explorer & safari is different :?
    strange though
  8. This happens to me all the time. My own listing didn't appear for hours and when it did, it finally appeared not in sequence, but earlier than several listings that had been there for much longer. I thought mine had somehow gotten lost or I hadn't pressed a final button! I can never figure it out. And I often see links to listings here that don't come up on my off-tpf searches using keywords.
  9. susan-eric - if you made any revisions to your auction after you first listed it, then that increases the time that it takes to show up in searches. The auctions appear in the sequence that they were first listed, but if you made revisions and someone else who listed at the same time or later didn't, their auctions will show up in searches before yours does.
  10. I'm not really understanding the original question on this post, though ... are you saying that you can do a search using one browser, and a listing shows up that won't show up when you do the same search in another browser?