Missing Dustbag for my new Wine Nikki from RM.com

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  1. Hi ladies,

    In my excitement over receiving my new Wine Nikki, I didn't immediately notice that the Nikki did not come with a dustbag. I ordered it from RM.com, and the Nikki arrived in a box, wrapped in a plastic bag, and stuffed with stiff paper -- but no dustbag! :tdown:

    I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else who ordered from RM.com?
  2. Are you sure it's not in the purse? It usually all folded up in the bag.
  3. No, it was not in the purse...all that was inside the purse were the stiff papers for the stuffing, and two RM cards in the zipper area (one for Vincent, and one about RM leather).
  4. Maybe you can email them and ask for one. I'd want a dustbag.
  5. Both my RM orders came with dust bags... tucked inside the bag itself. I'm sure if you call them.. they'd be able to & should send one to you. ;)
  6. My MAM from RM.com also came with a dustbag inside. You should ABSOLUTELY receive a dustbag from RM.com, no question about it. I'm sure it was an accident on their part and they'll send you one if you let them know.
  7. My RM Plan B came with a dustbag too.. I ordered it via Cory and it was part of the left over sample sale.. I suggest you email them about it! :yes:
  8. call them!!
  9. My wine matinee and wine nikki came without dustbag from RM recently...Cory sent me two later...
  10. Thank you all for your advice! :smile: RM Maven just contacted me and will be sending me a dustbag -- I'm very pleased with the excellent, proactive customer service :tup:.

    Thanks again, all!