Missing Duck tag

  1. I bought a Dooney and Bourke small pocket tote on eBay a few weeks ag0- brand new with tags. It was missing the duck tag, :sad:and I contacted the seller and they said it did not have one. I then saw that the seller bought the bag from someone else on eBay- so I contacted them. I have not heard back and probably wont. I am thinking they sold it seperatly months ago. So now... I have the bag registered and was wondering if I could get one thru Dooney. Has anyone tried? Its such a nice bag and to have the duck tag would make it even nicer!
    Thank you :smile:

    PS- a picture of the bag is on Dooney and it DOES have one...
  2. I would contact Dooney. Don't mention eBay though. If you have the yellow card and registered it in your name I don't think it will be a prob. It may have been missing in the first place.
  3. Definitely call Dooney and Bourke.

    The hantag on my denim bag was tarnishing. I called them and they sent a new one right out. No problems, at all!
  4. Okay yeah- I think I will call them then. And I wont mention eBay lol... I think that would just open a can of worms. They might think I bought a used bag or something. Thanks for the tips! Much appreciated~
  5. bummer
  6. Update- I contacted D&B customer service and after a few emails to them they are sending me a new tag for free, YAY :yahoo::yahoo: