Missing crystals on my Dior bracelet...help!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this. Haven't worn this particular bracelet in awhile and when I got home, I saw that two crystals had fallen out w/o me noticing it. I can't seem to find them and since this is an old piece, will they be able to fix??

  2. You can take them back to Dior to repair, although it depends on your SA and the boutique itself. The Dior at Holt Renfrew in Toronto has repaired jewelry pieces before by gluing crystals back in. The repair seemed to have been done on site (the Holt Renfrew store has a repair center of some sort which has the crystals in stock). Not sure if your local Dior has access to this. In any case, your SA can also refer you to a local jewelry repair center that can glue crystals in for a minimal fee (or you can find the center yourself). The crystals may not be the exact same colour as the ones in your bracelet, but it's better than leaving sockets in their place.

    You can also pop by a Swarovski boutique and ask them to recommend a repair place. The crystals in Dior jewelry are by Swarovski, so they may know where your bracelet can be repaired.

  3. Great! Thanks!! I had already asked my local boutique about it when it happened to my ring, and they said nothing could be done about it. I will ask again and try the other options you suggested. Thank you!
  4. E-6000 is an amazing glue to use; I've used that on all sorts of projects with Swarovski crystals from phones to tutus and it holds like nothing else.you can order the crystals online, too. Dreamtime creations has good prices.