Missing Coach hang tag on my patent Ergo Satchel

May 22, 2007
I just bought this bag last Friday from the outlet. I have felt like crap since then so finally today when I was getting around to taking pics for a reveal I noticed mine doesn't have it. Is there a way to get a replacement one? For the price I paid I'm not going to return it but I would like the tag as it should have come with the bag.


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Feb 17, 2008
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I don't think so....I can't be 100% if the bag you got was a factory one, if it would matter but all it takes is a phone call to them. The worst they can say is no, in that case, I would call the outlet. I'm sure they have plent of extras there!
Last year I bought a Vintage Ergo Hobo on ebay and when I got it there was no hangtag...I was really irritated because the seller never disclosed it. I called JAX and just asked for a replacement, they were very nice, and about 2 weeks later I got it in the mail. They are very nice about this. GL.


Jan 7, 2008
Good advice from PPs. I bought the Hamptons Patchwork satchel awhile back at the outlet (it just happened to be there, I wasn't looking at it previously, just snatched it up--total impulse buy but I LOVE IT; I carry it almost every day!), and it didn't have the charms that usually come on it. I went over to the boutique (the outlet is SO far away) to see about ordering it (didn't see it on the website, didn't know about calling JAX at the time). I told them my story, they pulled open a drawer and said, "You mean THIS one?" and I said YES! I went to pay for it (reached into my Soho satchel, I think I was carrying it that day) and the SA said "HERE! You can have it." Totally awesome experience. So, Coach really can and does replace them; if the outlet can't score you one, call JAX and see what they can do.

We get so many horror stories about awful SAs...esp. at the boutique...but all I've ever had at the boutique closest to me is good times. I had a bad exp. at the outlet one time (recently), but that was just one time and it wasn't even an SA, it was a day mgr. The store mgr really rocks; she's awesome.