missing chloe paddy key

  1. hi
    i have recently lost my key to my mouse grey paddy with silver hard ware. does anyone know where i can get another one?
  2. If you can't bring it back to a store, (often the case with many paddys since so many are purchased on eBay, etc.) to order another key for it, then your best bet is to contact Chloe, and have them order a key from one of the boutiques. I have had bags repaired from the one on Madison avenue in New York City, but there may be a closer one to you. They should be able to order a new key, and even the strap if you lost that as well.
    Good luck:smile: :smile: You can call the boutique directly and ask for the manager. He/she should be able to assist you...:rolleyes:
  3. great thankyou