missing bag-help

  1. Hello! I need your help.
    I ordered two jumbos during Oct. EGC event. I received one right away, but the second has not arrived. My SA said the bag was shipped and delivered after tracking; however I have not received the bag. I am really worried that the bag might be at someone else's house. The bag cost me over $2600.00. I don't know what to do. My SA said she reported to General Office, but I have not heard anything yet. My SA said she is going to call me tomorrow. Has anything like this happen to one of you? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!
  2. I would call the delivery company (ask the SA for the tracking number) since it is their responsibility to ensure they deliver the bag to the correct house. The company will put a track on the package, and even have the delivery person back track the delivery.

    A couple of years ago, I had some packages stolen from my house around Christmas time. They had been left at my front door. The two stores I had ordered from sent me the items again, and they filed a claim with UPS.
  3. YES..Get the tracking number..track it yourself and see what it says..THEN contact the SHIPPING company ASAP
  4. You can also try to call the shipping company now to see if there is a package on the way to your address. If it is Fedex, they will let you know even you do not have the shipping tracking no; but you will need to provide the name & address the package is sent to.
  5. good luck!! i called FEDEX everyday to track on my items, if you have the tracking number you could just go to fedex.com and track your item. i always do that to be safe and make sure that my items arrive at my place on time. if you don't have the tracking #, you could always call them up and give them your postal code and they'll able to track the shipment for you from there.

    good luck! keep us posted =)
  6. I can't believe you don't have to sign for a package in this price range. I ordered a GST and it was just thrown on my porch. Seems weird to me.
  7. Check with the courier company...somthing weird seems to be happenig... Good luck!
  8. LV requires signatures. NM doesn't - I have had stuff left by my front door all the time.
  9. I just hope you'll get the bag soon!I'd suggest you do exactlly what fellow
    fers advised above!Good luck on this and do keep us posted!:yes: