Missing bag from NM

Virtual Shopper

Oct 24, 2006
I want to share my bad experience purchasing from NM with all of my friends here. This morning I anticipate receiving my package shipment from pre-sale purchase at NM:nuts:. I even asked my husband to keep his ears open in case he heard a Fedex truck passed by in front of our house. I requested the tracking # from my SA. When I tracked down my package.. I found out that my package was already delivered at 3:36 PM and left on the front door without signature required. I immediately called to Fedex to claim a lost package. They told me to contact the shipper and verify the correct address with me! I found out from Fedex that my SA put down the WRONG house number and second she did not request signature required for this shipment:cursing::cursing:. So, the Fedex driver has to leave the package in front of my door:wtf:. Then I contacted my SA again and told her about her carelessness with the shipment. I told her that she’s leaving herself liable for loosing my bag!! She apologized to me and promised me to track down my package. I made a 2nd call to Fedex to request a claim again and specifically told him that the address that my SA put on doesn’t even exist!! And I asked him where did the driver leave my package ??? It must be somewhere at somebody’s house…which happen to be nearby my house!! I’m so frustrated now!! My SA never called me back about the fiasco on this delivery! When I called her the 3rd time, she told me about the WRONG house number and gave the driver my correct house number. Conveniently she informed me that Fedex will redeliver my package within 24 hours. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:For sure I'll be so sad tonight! No new bag for me. NM such a dissapointment to me!


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Oct 18, 2006
So sorry to hear about this. I can understand why you would be so mad. I am surprised the SA would be so careless when it came to such expensive merchandise!?! Putting the wrong house number is human erro but when you specifally asked for signature confromation she didn't follow though.


May 16, 2006
I totally understand. I always get nervous too when I'm expecting a purse from a department store. I've ordered 3 bags from NM before and every time they've left it on my porch in broad daylight. I'd prefer it if they did what UPS does and not deliver it until you get a signature.

You'd think for 1K bags they'd at least pay the extra shipping charge to have it signed!

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Out of all the stores I have bought and/or ordered bags from I found that Neiman Marcus SA's are the most careless, unknowledgable and rude. The SF store was the worst.

As long as they got that commission coming. they'll send your bag to the moon!


Nov 24, 2006
I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. I posted a thread last week in the BV forum like this cause DHL left my $1500 bag outside of my apartment building in the street (not even behind the gate, but on the sidewalk) without ringing the bell. The only reason I knew it was delivered is cause I checked the tracking. Anyway, but the time I realized it was delivered, someone had already stolen the bag - my street is a pretty busy. So I called DHL straight away, but they still haven't done anything. Apparently they need to verify that it's gone by sending the driver back here, but he's been too busy to come by the last two days :cursing: So frustrating!

I hope that you get luckier than me, and receive your bag soon!
Feb 26, 2006
I hope your package gets found. It seems like I am always hearing complaints about NM. I think I hear more complaints about NM than any other retailer. The FedEx people don't get any medals for competence either.


Aug 22, 2006
Oh I'm so sorry.....I hope you get your bag tomorrow!!! I'm sure it's fine, they probably just left it on the truck and didn't leave it anywhere considering the address didn't exsist. They should have called you though, if they couldn't find the address given to them....well, I guess if they can't find it, your SA will have to pick up the tab!

I'm sorry again. Either way you will get your bag, the SA will have to insure you get your bag. (((hugs))).


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
eek. i have a shipping nightmare of my own - i ordered a total of 17 pieces from the VS semiannual sale, i recieved 7 plus one piece that i didn't order and didn't have my name on it (it had some other girl's name), plus it looked like one end of the box had been cut open down the seams at the corners and then taped shut again. so i don't know what happened, but i think someone cut my box open and stole things out of it, and i think it was probably at the VS warehouse, since they shoved in something that wasn't even mine.

i called VS and they said that they'd resend the missing items. we'll see what happens when THAT package gets here.

let us know how your issue goes and if you ever get your bag!

Virtual Shopper

Oct 24, 2006
I was extremely busy today with my son's graduating party. By the time I got at work, I have my plate full to work on at the office. I tracked my package around 9:00 AM this morning to find that the package was sent back to Fedex facility in my area. According to their schedule, my package will be delivered today. I was so thrilled with joy to hear this good news. But, as of 6:00 PM today, the package has not been delivered yet. Then I tracked for God knows how many times I tracked my package....., to find that they will attempt to deliver the package tomorrow. This made me so MAD!! :mad: :mad: Eventhough I know that my package did not get stolen or lost :sweatdrop:.. but I still have not received that package!! I might definetely request a refund on the shipping charge from NM (or Fedex)... since first NM made the mess on the wrong address then Fedex made me wait the whole day for nothing!! I'll let you know again what happen tomorrow. I'm so tired now and the only thing I want to do is ... :sleepy::sleepy:


May 6, 2007
I had a problem with them recently too. They basically wrecked a bag they were supposed to repair and then were really rude about it. In that instance they also sent the bag to the wrong address, I don't see how it's difficult to get the information correct. I think I'm done shopping with them.


Aug 27, 2006
That is horrible! I would be SOOO worried!

I have a similar story. I'm picking up a packaging tonight from the post office after MANY MANY MANY phone calls to different postal services and departments because the mailman was SUPPOSED to leave a notice on my door but never did! If I had not GUESSED which package it was and called various outlets in my area I would've lost it because I would've never known it was at the post office. My friggin' Louis Vuitton, too !@#$