missing antony style but too small would you consider messenger ant

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  1. the title says it all really i sold my antony because i found it restricting but i loved that it was instantly recognised as a mulberry and am missing the ease of the style. would you upgrade to the messenger version? does anyone have the bigger style ?:shrugs:xx
  2. Check out the new Mitzy, you might love it more than Antony. Some of us are!
    I have a large brick Antony which I bought a couple of weeks ago but am returning this weekend. The size is great but it doesn't rock my boat.
  3. i will have a look thanks sj i love the classic look though of the antony mmmmm dilemma x
  4. If you love the Antony then the larger one is definitely more user friendly IMO than the little one.
  5. yes i agree -the mitzy is very nice if you a girly mulberry lady but i like the edgy look of the simple antony i think i will go ''large'' hehe and see what happens see if i feel the love.....just out of interest why doesn't big ant rock your boat sj ?
  6. Only thing I'm not keen on with the large is the top seems to gape a bit when the bag is loaded. hard to explain but i've noticed it on a couple of people i've seen wearing them....
    I love my small ones!!!
  7. Bayley, I just don't go for square hard edged shaped bags. I've worked out that curvy bags are my style which is why I'm loving all the new hobos.
    Mabel is the exception but think that's because she squidges down nicely.
  8. i wouldn't be loading mine jo so to speak i would just be carrying the essentials they did fit in the regular size it was just i had to empty it every time i wanted to take something out so i am looking for rumaging space within the bigger one
  9. ^^^I think it would be fine then!
  10. fair enough sj i like my boxy square bags so hopefully i will be delighted fingers crossed x
  11. thankyou jo, i used to find the one thing no matter what it was would never be on top in the bag and with little ant been full i couldn't get my hand in to get at what i wanted -usally car keys or phone when it was ringing lol x
  12. ^^^ i know exactly what you mean bayley. i really do carry the bare essentials in my antony's!!!
  13. sorted then large one it is i will keep you posted on purchase x
  14. Bayley, I have just kinda bought the large antony - I say kinda because it is sitting upstairs in its bag and box waiting for me to take it out on my birthday in a few weeks.
    I have bought chocolate. Like you I have a regular antony that I find just too small to rummage in - this means that I just never ever use it and it is simply hanging on my coat rack acquiring a patina :yes: but never seeing the outside light!!! I would never sell/let go though as it is such a simply classic.
    Keep updated on how you get on with the large one as I won't be using mine for a while...:crybaby:
  15. OK i am thinking oak ........ keep you updated x