missha alternatives?

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  1. i've been using Missha foundation for years now but does anyone have suggestions for other brands I could try that are very similar to them? i see some other brands online but would like a personal recommendation. i'd prefer to hear from people who have used Missha and switched or are still with Missha but use other brands that are very comparable. thanks in advance if you can help.
  2. I like Hera & Sulwhasoo more than Missha personally, though I do like Missha. However, it does cost more than Missha.
    The Saem is alright. Etude House is very good for the price, I kind of prefer Etude House over Missha for BB creams & foundations actually. But these days I mostly stick to the Hera & Sulwhasooo BB cushions. Laniege and Iope are ok too.

    I've heard a lot of good things about the new YSL BB cushion line, but I've not tried them yet.

    Which Missha foundation do you use? Would make it easier to give more specific recommendations.
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  3. Its Missha perfect cover, without any cushion, which I prefer. I tried Laniege and didn't like it b/c of the cushion. I will look into some of the ones you've already mentioned, thank you:smile:
  4. Clio is another option.
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  5. i would like to recommend lanaige bb cushion. i love the glowing finish and the coverage it's good.
  6. I use Innisfree Long Wear Cover, great coverage unfortunately Innisfree has discontinued their old cushions, so idk if the new cushions are good.
  7. IT cosmetics
  8. i tried this once, i found it way too light coverage. more like a tinted moisturizer than foundation. and it was soooo oily right away... not for me, but perhaps others with dry skin would love it. very dew-y.

    i ordered Skin79 in the orange container. it has almost identical ingredients to Missha and has worked well so far. staying power slightly less, but pretty comparable.
  9. There are different formulas, so its worth trying a few.

    The first Laneige formula I tried, I hated for similar reasons. But I recently purchased a different one and its really nice. Held up amazingly well during our recent high heat & humidity. I walked two miles in what was essentially 110*F (realfeel temp) and while the rest of me looked like a dying, muggy rat... My make up was still flawless.

    I alternate my BB cushions & BB creams a lot, based on need & weather. But this Laneige formula has made it into my regular supply.
  10. Hi, which laneige? I'm interested :smile: local weather is forever humid and I do realise the bb cushion I'm using is slight oily on me. Thanks!
  11. The one I used is the Laneige Whitening BB Cushion with SPF 50+ PA++. It was the one the came with their pink owl limited cushion case.

    I did use Laura Mercier setting powder & Tatcha's Dewy Skin mist over it. As I have combination skin with an oily T-zone. But it stayed in place, didn't feel heavy or cakey, gave good coverage and my skin felt like soft skin.. Not make up. So... I'm pretty surprised by it. (too many products under or on top of the BB cream coat may affect it though. I don't use concealers, I usually just apply moisturizer before hand and then only have on layer of a sunscreen type primer on under it.)
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  12. Missha is what I started with. I would recommend IOPE. Has similar coverage to missha and gives the dewy finish that missha foundation does. IOPE bb cushion is one of the most popular too.
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