MissFashion's Collection.

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  1. Here's All My Wonderful Bags.

    JJ Winters

    Botkier Small Morgan Satchal

    Miu Miu Bow Satchel In Astro


    Ruehl No 925 Walker Bag

    Will Add More Tomorrow.
  2. o:huh:Ooo I love your Miu Miu satchel! Great collection.
  3. Nice collection! Love the Miu Miu!
  4. pretty bags!
  5. The Miu Miu Bow is a great color
  6. Love that Botkier and Miu Miu!
  7. The Miu Miu is gorgeous!
  8. Nice collection Love the Miu Miu!
  9. Where have you bought the Miu Miu? I want one too :biggrin:
  10. Brina,I Bought It Over The Phone From Selfridges,London,I Was On a Waiting List,You Can't Get The Astro Now Apart From Ebay,It's So Hard To Get Hold Off, I Was On The Waiting List For Months Before I Finally Got It. Also I Will Be Adding Some More V Items To My Thread Soon.
  11. nice collection!
  12. Thanks,Will Be Adding More Soon.
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Yeah that's cool, I'm looking forward to your new pics!

    It's so hard for me to tell which bag is authentic on ebay, I don't want to buy a fake.