Missed You Guys

  1. man can we say withdrawal!!

    glad we are back up!

    any updates while we were gone?

    gossip? stories? new buys??

    do spill!
  2. Miss you too and y'All!:smile:
  3. I missed you all as well. I cannot BELIEVE how much work I got done today though :rolleyes:. Maybe tPF needs to go down once a week just so I can get things done....(no please don't kill me for saying that! Just kidding I swear!)
  4. Totally agreed! Need an orange infusion....hoping for pics of goodies from others to enable my recovery....
  5. WOOHOO!!!!! It's back up!!!! I thought I was gonna DIE!

    If that's the kind of detox Lindsay and Britney went through, I pity them!
  6. I was suffering from intense withdrawl system too.
    F5 ing every 15 min for tpf to be back.
  7. new buys?....well, i am anxiously waiting for my first (hopefully not last ) H exotic item!:sweatdrop:
  8. So was I! I'm so glad to be back and glad Vlad can get some sleep now.

    So did anyone get anything new?
  9. I'm still waiting on my big orange box, hopefully it'll be here Friday!
  10. LOL I was soooo bored today searching other crap online instead of looking on here! Don't know a good thing unless it's gone, right????

    I got a new Ahmedabad tote, chocolate wool. It's really cute. Is it worth pics?
  11. Missed all of you. I actually had to do my work but that is what they pay me to do. Glad to be back on.
  12. lol we are such losers.
    tpf loser love! :heart:
  13. I'm no loser! Just hopelessly devoted to my obsession with handbags and deprived of my outlet! I was going nuts!!
  14. I wish I bought something else... but it sounds like so many people were shopping online!! :amuse:

    Just glad we are back up! FINALLY!
  15. I nailed TWO grail scarves on eBay: Hommage a Mozart and a Concerto pocket square. I'm still eyeing a full sized Concerto, but not sure about the colorway.

    Can't wait until their little Orange boxes arrive! :yahoo: