Missed the sales...but what's a good price on the reporter

  1. Unfortunately I missed the sales (darn that vacation) but I really love the reporter.I am starting to see alot show up on e-bay--some with the best offer option...What do you think is a really good deal for one?
  2. I think you should forego ebay. They are all overpriced and you can't be sure they're authentic. Plus, ebay is too final. You should have the option for return as some people love the Reporter from pics and find in real time it is too bulky and awkward to carry. I personally love mine!

    That said, NM priced the Reporter at $1333 for last call price. I got mine at the first markdown for $2222 (30% off). Saks first call markdown was 40% off at $1905.

    Bloomingdales has the black on black Reporter on sale right now for $1905. The Short Hills, NJ store had them as of a week ago, as well as the Chestnut Hill store in MA. I suggest going that route so you can "audition" the bag at home and return it if you find it isn't for you.
  3. thanks for the advice roey! Does anyone know if a black on beige can still be found anywhere? Please, please let me know!
  4. I've never seen black/beige. Do you mean the bag is beige and the CCs are black? If so, you are SOL on finding it. They are gone. You're more likely of finding the black/black in the stores. However, if you just want a beige/beige on I saw one at the Chanel boutique, I think those are fairly available, but not on sale. Same thing goes for choco/choco.
  5. Yes, I meant the beige with black ccs...hate being SOL!! Oh, well...
  6. I think the black/black medium reporter only went on sale at Hirshleifer's (and they had only 2 or 3 at the beginning of the sale about 2 months ago) -- it wasn't (and still isn't) marked down at NM, Saks, or Chanel boutiques. Chanel SA's say it's part of the permanent line so they are not going to mark it down(?). I'm not too sure about Bloomies though -- only the 59th St. NYC flagship store and the Chestnut Hill, MA ones have Chanel boutiques.....I've been to the NYC one numerous times recently and my SA told me they don't have any black/black on sale; the Bloomies in Short Hills, NJ doesn't have a Chanel boutique (I called there today to inquire and they confirmed they don't sell Chanel handbags there -- so it could have been a rare return?).
  7. There have been a few Saks and NM that have had the black/black and black/white on sale. You just have to call around.
  8. Well since I can't get the beige anymore, what do you think would be an e-bay "steal"... $1500? $1600? $1700,...?
  9. Anything under 1500 is a steal, but could be fake. I think a fair and reasonable price would be between 1600 and 1900. I understand they are there to make a profit, so I can't complain especially if they got the bag before me and I really want the bag.
  10. I paid $2k for my pink black reporter and i love it.. I tried sooo soo hard to hunt it down and i can't find anything! SO i give up and went to ebay for it. I guess $2k is better than $3k retail :biggrin:
  11. Were those the original full size reporter, don't know if they call the smaller size a reporter?? I saw the smaller version on sale in the beige & black CC's at MN in Northbrook IL a few weeks ago and also the pink w/black but it was suggested to me those colours were being phased out. I think you could get a SA to call around for you to other NM or Bloomies that carry Chanel for the colour you are looking for.:smile:
  12. ^^ Getting an SA to track down a reporter at sale price is impossible! That item is nowhere to be found! I tried for 3 days and i gave up and went to ebay instead..
  13. Those of you with the reporter bag are soooooo lucky!!

    I really hope to buy it in December...so now it's time for me to start saving...1900€ is like:wtf:
  14. I have recently seen some great deals on ebay...if you are comfortable with that, keep watch but don't forget to post here for authentication!
  15. I agree! There are some sellers on ebay who definitely sell authentic bags, but for your own peace of mind, you can post it in the authentication thread for help. I'm sure you'll find one :smile: