Missed the Mailman by 15 minutes!

  1. I'm depressed![​IMG]

    We went out shopping and while we were gone the mailman came and went and left me a pick up ticket for my wife's Birthday present!
    The Jimmy CHoo Ross that I got of eBay! for $490.00 and it's REAL!
    At least that Robyn and JM say and I believe them, they wold know! Thank You! You Two!:love:

    I think this is hardest thing to do is wait when you know it is locked up 2 miles from here!:cursing:
    Now it has to sit in the post office till Tuesday due to MLK Holiday! :cursing:
    I told the wife that I was expecting computer parts in case she "got the package" instead of me at the door.
    Now I guess I'll have to wait.
    But at least she can't peak!![​IMG]

    BTW do you think I should make her wait!
    12 more days till her Birthday![​IMG]

    [​IMG] You still the best!!! [​IMG]
  2. How sweet of you! If I were her, I probably would not want you to wait, and if you're anything like my husband, you'll give it to her the second you get it. I think you should wait until her birthday though...I personally like my presents on my actual birthday instead of getting them early then getting nothing on the big day.
  3. I also would rather get a present on my actual birthday. If it is a suprise (which is sounds like it is) she won't be torured knowing what she will be getting for her big day. You are a great DH!
  4. OMG, I never post here but I just gotta say, you are soi sweet. congrats to both of you. You guys are lucky to have each other. I hope you guys have a lot of fun in her birthday. :love:
  5. Give it to her now! Right Now!
    Of course then you will have to get her something else on "the Day" and nothing will compare unless it is another Choo!!:girlsigh:

  6. You do realize that they will 10-20 in LEAVENWORTH:nuts:
    IF I go breakin' the Post Office to get it!!!!!!!!!!:noggin:

    But I guess that's the price of Love:heart: and Jimmy CHoo!!!!:love::love:


    JM you crack me UP!!:p
  7. Wait until the day and act like it is no big deal! She will have the shock of her life!
  8. Wait until her birthday to give her the bag (and it is a gorgeous one btw)! :tup:
  9. Thanks Stinkerbelle,

    I think you and Robyn are right about making her wait and it will be QUITE the surprise!:yahoo:
    If I listened to JM I would be on way to the Federal Penn. For Breaking into the Post Office to get the JC out of there!:busted

    11 days togo! :yahoo:

  10. Well....let's rethink this then! I mean nothing REALLY says "I love you" quite like being willing to do a little time, right? ;)
  11. :nuts::roflmfao:...how incredibly romantic, matt! i agree!:p
  12. ROFLMAOASTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A$$ Off And Scaring The Cat!"


    I thought was a MA BELL comerical that said that first any ways!

    Got to love you girls though you really make me laugh!:tup:

    Your the Best!:tup: (Still??):drinkup:

  13. Oh Another Comedian!!!!!!!!!

    Are we not all sooooooooooo Funny!!!


  14. AND!! Mick will drive ya to the PO! I'll be the lookout while you go in and break out the bag! :supacool:

    Ya know what? I love how Mick just brings out the best in all of us, don't you?? :rochard:
  15. matt? what color do your mail carriers wear?:shrugs: i'll paint some of those hazmat suits to look like mail carrier uniforms. you paint up your truck with the red, white and blue and we'll go for it! :tup:
    this really could work....if we need it, i have that bottle rocket in my bag ( see the thread where peeps are manhandling on our bags)...i'll set that off to create a diversion,:okay: and we'll be fine bc our fake mail carrier uniforms are fire resistant...easy peasy! ;)we got this covered!