Missed the delivery

  1. I though my BIL would be home to accept my package and of course I forgot to mention that I was expecting a package. :crybaby:Oh well, no one will be home tomorrow so hopefully the door hanger is right because it said that they would attempt delivery three days in a row. :shrugs: Let's hope I'll have my little something come this Friday.
  2. Aw, what a bummer. It is hard to wait, but it will arrive before you know it!
  3. Aww I hate when that happens! When I was working I sent my packages to my office to make sure I didn't miss them!
  4. I Know the feeling..no one is home from 8AM - 4:30 PM so I always have to pick up the darn packages.... :sad:

    hope you get yours soon!
  5. Thanks all! I'm sure I'll get it, just disappointed. No rush though. Maui LV will only ship to billing address The FedEx warehouse is closed by the time I get home. I believe it'll be here soon.
  6. we'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
  7. ^^I hate that! But by some kismet someone has always been home to get it- very unusual for me.
  8. I hate when this happenes b/c noone is EVER home from 7 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon and they always wanna deliver it at 12 pm!! sucks! Well I home you get it soon!
  9. sorry!!!! But it will make it all the more exciting when you finally get it!
  10. sorry!!!! But it will make it all the more exciting when you finally get it!
  11. i hate it when that happens....i hope you get it soon.
  12. I hate that!
  13. here's hoping....
  14. Poor bag is trying so hard to come home to you! Keep trying LV!:smile:
  15. I know how hard it is to wait lol, I have that problem as well.:balloon: