Missed the Balenciaga Singapore Store, Would like to buy one in NY

  1. hi everyone,

    im totally kicking myself to death now that out of 5 days 4 nights in singapore i never got the time to walk down hilton hotel along orchard road, singapore to visit the balenciaga store and get myself my first balenciaga, well part of the reason was pure exhaustion beside the fact that hilton hotel is far from ngee ann city where most of the brand boutiques are, in a way i spent more time strategically there since most of my brands are there and that by the fact that stores close early in singapore .. i really had no time to walk the other way without actually feeling tired also .. and with work in daytime and being first time in singapore, just had so many things to do and see that time totally ran out .... anyways the point is i have this chance again to ask a friend to buy me a nice balenciaga in New York, do you think this is a good move ? like prices are cheaper in new york, and more styles and colors are also available in new york ? i would really like to own one now, and my next travel would be fukuoka japan and i am not sure if they have a balenciaga there. add the fact that prices are indeed 30% higher than in singapore and i did hear that NY is still a bit cheaper than singapore ...

    so if i should push through with the purchase in new york what are the interesting designs and colors now ? i really prefer bright colors so should i go for the classic motorcycle bag still ?

    any suggestions, comments and opinions are most welcome ! i would want to be part of the balenciaga family !!! =D and im planning to use this bag as my main bag for one whole year while studying in japan for my masters degree !
  2. i just want to ask also if in the singapore store right now, are there any bright colors on display ? or are the bags available mostly dark colors as featured in its website for the fall autumn season ? (i guess i just wanted to make myself feel better for having missed the store since i really want to own a bright colored balenciaga rather than dark color, he he ... )
    are the bright colors for balenciaga also for spring summer season only ?
  3. HI. I know for a fact that they have a violet city available right now. Don't know what else they've got tho.
  4. Hi Orange,

    You can feel a little better. Singapore gets very little stock and the last time I was there, there wasn't that many choices. They had a GGH Red City, Violet twiggy and city and pehaps they had some in stock, like Jaune. I got a Jaune Day and was happy with it. We get very little stock here, coupled that with demand, it's almost impossible to walk in and just get anything you like.

    Apparently, NY's prices are lower than Singapore, so if I were you, I will certainly skip Singapore and buy in NY. To miss Bal while in NY, that will be the REAL sin.
  5. Bagoholic Vicky !

    thanks so much for the long reply, it certainly made me feel better. my friend is suggesting the marigold colored balenciaga ... should i get it ? he is saying it is the hottest color right now ...... kindly advise soonest !

    by the way where is club street in singapore ? =D im just reading this where to go in singapore catalogue and again kicking myself to death for not reading this little booklet while i was there .. would have wanted to go to club street ! haha


  6. Thanks pejo ! my friend is offering a violet or marigold b bag .. which one should i get ?


  7. I would honestly go with Violet, I have one and I just really love it.
  8. Both Jaune and Violet are heavenly. It depends on your preference and the size of the bag I think. I have a Jaune Day and love it, but if I were getting a city, I would go for the violet. If it was a first, then Jaune. If you like wearing bold colours, by all means go for Jaune. Someone just posted a thread on her new Jaune City and it looks fabulous.

    Club street isn't all that happening, but that's just me. I wouldn't say you'd missed much. Just look forward to NY! :smile:
  9. i just got a call from my SA at BalSG that he just got a Jaune city that came in yesterday. balNY has got everything fab! NatK just got her vert d'eau city from BalNY which is so rare and it's from S/S '07, so it's definitely a good find! i just received my LE '07 magenta GSH city from BalNY, it is HEAVENLY! you shld get your bbags from BalNY or BalParis, they have the most fab selections and service is alot better ;)
  10. Thanks lady deluxe ! I already made up my mind to go for the marigold or jaune city bag. the violet is a bit small from what my friend told me.
  11. hi bagoholic vicky !
    thanks again for your warm reply. yes, this will be my first so i guess i will go for jaune city for now. actually im not personally going to NY, my friend is there and he is willing to buy it for me. i just have to tell him which color (of course i will pay him afterwards he he) he told me the violet city is a bit smaller (medium) while the jaune is larger. both are city bags. as i said, this is my first, and i do love bold colors. actually i already own a royal blue chloe paddington and purple chanel caviar. so i guess maybe i can go for marigold this time, since if i get the violet again, i might actually be repeating color tones and the fact that it is smaller might defeat the purpose of having a school bag when i take up my masters in tokyo next year.

    and yes i did see the jaune city, that is what made me decide to go for jaune now. u think ill be making the right decision bagoholic vicky ? :confused1:

    yeah my first trip to singapore was really funny i spent it more on clubbing, i visited ministry of sound and movida of st james power station and new asia bar in swissotel stamford, cool clubs and great music. i enjoyed the stay. as for shopping i did vivocity it was cool as well. ;)
  12. ladydeluxe: r u from Singapore as well? Can we order from BalNY? How?
  13. No loss for missing Bal Singapore... Most of my frens don't buy from the store anyway as the price is much steeper:smile: