Missed period and not pregnant?

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  1. Okay, so this is a little embarrassing, and maybe TMI, but I'm really worried now. I am about 5 days late for my period, and I am NEVER late. This is really strange because I haven't been sick recently, and I haven't had any more stress than usual. I thought the only other option would be that I was pregnant, as I am married, and well, you know...lol. So I took a pregnancy test, and it was very clearly negative. I just don't know what to do. Honestly, I do feel slight cramps, but I dunno....I've been worried about it for the last 3 days, so I'm sure that's added to it.

    Has this ever happened to you? Any advice? TIA:heart:
  2. This happened to me earlier in the year. I always start 28 days from the last day of my period, well in ummm...February maybe?? I was 10 days late! TALK ABOUT FREAKED OUT!! Everything turned out to be fine, but I did have some clotting that month(nothing major). I wouldnt worry too much about it, especially if you are cramping, in my experience that means...its trying to come, but hasnt yet lol! Also remember, some girls have skipped their periods all together!
  3. Mine's all over the place, if you're having cramps then it should come in a week or so. That's the only way I know mine are coming, seriously they just come whenever they want to! Jeez!

    Um but... to be on the safe side, you might want to take a pregnancy test again a week after if it doesn't come. Sometimes if you take them too early they show a negative because there isn't enough hormone in your urine that detects pregnancy as of yet.

    Other than that, relax, thanks to my erratic periods I often think i'm pregnant and yet i've never been so far, so don't worry :smile:.
  4. Thanks, QueenOfDa702 and helium....if it doesn't come within the next week, I'll probably take another test and go to the doctor...I'm a little freaked out, so that probably doesn't help. Not that a baby would be a bad thing, but I'm still a little scared, ya know?
  5. I wouldn't worry too much... I was a little worried myself last week when I realized I was almost a week late. There wasn't anything abnormal, and there was very, very slim chance of pregnancy (used protection, of course!!)... I'm not stressed out or sick or anything, and I couldn't think of any reason why. My periods have been consistent for years now... the last time I remember being late was one time, about 4 years ago. I guess sometimes these things happen for reasons unbeknownst to us?

    I say just wait it out... and take another pregnancy test again in a couple weeks or so.
  6. This happened to me just this past month! I was about 9 days late, and the entire time I was so worried, which probably delayed it more. I had never had a delayed period before in my life. But then it was fine. If it doesn't come in a week or so, take another test, but until then don't worry about it.
  7. You can test negative and still be pregnant. I knew right away when I was pregnant, and like most women, I think you would know.
  8. ^^^Thanks everyone.

    Pinksuedehobo, how did you know? Was it just a feeling, or was it physical? I just want to be sure.
  9. Lol I just want to say: I have been convinced I was pregnant at least five times. I even got like some sort of gut feeling, I think that was because I kept saying it and I convinced myself. I was all like 'oh my god my breasts are sore and I can't stop eating', and suddenly I convinced myself I was pregnant. And I wasn't. So if you're the particularly fretful type, I'd say you'll get many feelings that you're pregnant. Of course, maybe i'll get a super gut feeling when i'm actually pregnant... like a giant neon sign in my dreams saying 'congrats! you're pregnant!' or something... but just saying, if you're fretful like me you might be convinced you're pregnant, so I think the feeling thing varies from person to person.
  10. LOL....thanks helium....and thanks everyone else. I hope I get a nice feeling like you did pinksuedesoho someday, but for right now, I'm in the clear, if you know what I mean. A little late but still arrived. Thanks everyone!

    And pinksuedesoho, I think the first time I addressed you, I called you "pinksuedehobo" instead of "pinksuedesoho" I'm sorry I guess I was thinking of a coach soho hobo...lol. Thanks for your response.
  11. I have experienced the same and it is a bit freaky and the thought that I could be pregnant.

    I don't know why our body would change like that. And then I have times where I had periods in-between periods.:yucky:
  12. do you exercise alot? sometimes when your body fat percentage drops your periods also stops
  13. Just worrying is enough to stop your period from coming. Stress can cause it to be very late. I have had this happen before. The pregnancy tests are very accurate so if it says no your not then I wouldn't worry. Plus as Nzsallyb said excercise can cause it.

    Hang in there :smile:
  14. For the past years, i never missed my period, only now! I'm one week delayed, but got a negative on the pregnanct test i made. I'm feeling cramps on my abdomen and also my breasts are in pain, just like when you're about to have your period and also having white mens.

    Earlier this month i got sick of tonsilitis and took some erythromycins and paracetamol, i also took maalox (because erythromycins gave me acid attacks). Could this be the reason why i'm one week delayed?

    Hope someonr could help me... I'm starting to be feel the stress now.
  15. This is absolutely true.

    That's why Olympic gymnasts go for years without getting a period.

    My friend is a nationally-ranked athlete. She never had her period when she was racing.

    My period comes like clockwork because I'm lazy. :p
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