Missed out on this one...

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  1. Wow, what a great deal! :nuts:

    baobei - don't worry, I am sure you'll find something even BETTER very soon!! :yes:
  2. Don't feel too bad. I am always nervous to buy anything from somebody with such low feedback.

    Your perfect bag is out there somewhere!
  3. Feel better:flowers:! There are always great deals on ebay to be found. :yes:
  4. awww it's ok! i'm sure you will find another one. have you ever tried on the jumbo to see if you like it IRL? i'm petite too - 5'4 and 92lbs and the jumbo is too big for me. But then again, i don't love big bags so it's all personal preference.
  5. So sorry, I know how you feel. Thanks to fraud activity on my cc, I had to call the bank to get clearance. In the meantime, someone else bought the caviar violet e/w a week ago. (You know who you are :smile: . . .Pretty devastating experience. A few days later a jumbo lambskin violet was posted and I won it. Lambskin is my fave, so smooth and soft. Have no doubt your bag awaits, so hang in there.
  6. you'll find another one soon enough, don't worry! good luck :smile:
  7. butterfliie, maxter, evychew, sweetsparkle, jmen and nightshade, thank you all! You are sooo sweet. I feel much better now and start hunting for my next one. I have this warm feeling whenever I am visiting this forum. love you ladies:heart:
  8. Is it a black jumbo flap in caviar that you yearn for? If so, then I will certainly keep a sharp eye tuned to the monitor for you! If it's something else, put it out here and I'm sure you have more than these 4 eyes looking.

    I, too, find the forum a special place, not just because we all love Chanel but because of the kindness and support. It's truly a gem of a find.
  9. Sorry you missed it...but sometimes it's for the best. Maybe you'll find a bag you love more!
  10. woahhh thats a good deal! but dont worry, when one window closes... a door opens!

    you'll find somthing PERFECT for you soon!
  11. yeah..i saw that deal too but hestitated to buy it. don't worry - the right bag will come along! :yes: