Missed opportunities...

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  1. I was in Paris recently... and of course didn't miss the chance to visit the two H stores... especially since i was staying on George V.. just across the street. I went in on a Monday morning and to my surprise they had both the color of leathers i've been desiring.. graphite and etoupe both in Kellys. I was so excited that i immediately sms my friend and asked if she wanted one... and she said yes.. the graphite... and now i'm a bit regretting my choice of telling her ... :confused1: after making the purchase for her.. i debated on getting the etoupe and held off hoping that there be something at the other store.

    At the other store, i became interested in a kelly swift in BJ. so i said i wanted to buy... and out of mere honesty told them i bought a kelly already that morning (didn't think there'd be any trouble as George V was going to sell me both). In the end i was refused the sale..... I went again the next day with DH and he offered to buy it for me. However the salesperson recognized me and wouldn't sell it to me even if my husband purchased it for me... they said we walked in together and that was the reason why. Anyways, in the end we purchased the bag.... after being told we were not to buy ANYMORE kellys. My DH has vowed to never shop at Hermes again (hope that he forgets this experience).

    Anyways,.... long story short... i still miss not purchasing the graphite kelly for myself :sad: I hope that my own BJ kelly can help me forget about the miss opportunity when i start using her when i get home.
  2. Really? wow. I am so sorry!
  3. Well get yourself something in Graphite next. Maybe a different bag? Graphite is my favorite color. But, of course enjoy your pretty new bag, after all Hermes hunting is fun.
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    I am sorry that the SA did not told you that one passport can only buy 1 kelly and 1 birkin from shop in France a year! I was surprised that they refused to sell to your husband. That should not be the case. I bought a Birkin on Wednesday. On Friday, I brought along a friend to buy the Birkin, she was given the Birkin. I guess you have to explain and talk nicely to the SA. However, I realise that the store manager - a lady was not very friendly.
  5. Congrats on the BJ Kelly!! I'm sure she'll help you forget about the graphite. Gosh I didn't know that they are that strict.
  6. Meowcsj so 1 passport can only buy 1 Birkin and 1 Kelly a year? How do they keep track of this? I will be traveling to Paris this September and I hope to purchase my first Birkin.

    Thank you.
  7. Congrats on the BJ!
  8. They add your info to the system with any larger purchase and if you get the tax refund, they'll have to write the passport number to the forms and probably add it to their files as well.
  9. So need to be careful... as i thought if i m travelling to Paris ... i can get at least a birkin and kelly for myself and another birkin using my hubby's name.... this might not work now.... anyway my trip is not set as i need to wait for my babies to grow older first... as they are only 3 and 1 yrs now... can't stand for the long flight yet

  10. maybe can bring the 3 yrs old one:smile:
    i wnt earlier this year to ldn and paris with my 3yr+
    he is the best companion for me, both travel and shopping:smile:
  11. Thank you for the info. How do you get your tax back from purchases made in Paris/France?

  12. I can only buy one at a time anyway but thanks for the info!
  13. Congrats on your kelly, I would assume it impossible för an SA to tell your DH never to set foot in an H store ever again! Very rude, and strange
  14. I don't believe it has anything to do with "1 passport, 1 bag". I think they limit the bags because they want to cut down on potential reselling. So if you are a couple, they may decide to only allow one bag purchase. It has happened to friends of mine (who were not resellers!)
  15. nah not really reselling (albeit alos one part)mostly they do not want to sell theoretically all their stuff to one person they do not even know kwim?

    op i am sorry fo that experience she should have worded it nicer BUT congrats on your kelly and very nice of you to think of your friend!