missed my first H chance....so sad :(

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  1. hi all...as some of you know (since you were kind enough to let me PM you about this), i've recently been considering my first H purchase: a vespa bag. i'd found a great deal on a beautiful blue roi vespa at LZ, and really loved it, but was trying to think it through and not rush to a decision. i finally went to the H boutique in SF friday to try on the vespa & see if it would hold everything i needed (on shopmom's great advice), and it worked perfectly....so i got online yesterday to finally buy, and.....

    it's gone. :crybaby:

    i'm so sad about it...it's completely silly, i know, but i just loved the color, and the style seemed like such a great addition to my collection, since i don't really have a 'casual' bag like that. and i know it's hard to come by bags in exactly the color you want, especially from a reseller and at the great price they had. ugh....i'm so mad at myself! that'll teach me to try and be responsible, i guess.

    sorry for the long vent....but my poor DH just doesn't quite get it, and i knew you ladies would.

    *sigh* :cry:
  2. shopping...that is a disappointment! I am sorry to hear you missed out on the vespa on LZ, but I am certain you will find something soon that speaks to you just as strongly - and you will be better positioned to make your decision, too!
  3. Sorry to hear that you missed out, but you did the right thing by waiting and testing it out first. At least now you know that the Vespa is for you. Don't worry, I'm sure the bag will show up again. Or you can write to L-Z and see if they can locate another one for you. I heard that they have excellent service.:yes:
  4. Awww shopping! I feel your pain! That's happenend to me more than once and it's a crappy feeling. But...you did everything right. These bags are too expensive to jump head first into without doing your homework-KWIM? So now you know this is the bag for you and you can be on the lookout for the next one-and there will be a next one:yes: . Emailing L-Z is a good idea. I've also heard they are very helpful.
  5. I would eMail Pete and see if he took it off to sell in the store.....it may not be gone, SHOPPINGS........
  6. sorry to hear that you didn't get the bag that you wanted.. maybe other stores may have the bag that you want......hope that you start feeling better soon, and yeah, sometimes, DH's just don't get it.. others do though...
  7. i too, feel ur pain. yes, i would write to them and see if they might still have it or if they can locate one for u!! don't give up!!!
  8. thanks all....i did email him, actually, to let him know i'd take it if the sale didn't go through for any reason, & he said it's been sold to one of their regular buyers....waaaaaaah!!

    i asked him to let me know if any other vespas cross his path. i'm trying to stay strong...i'm just really sad about missing out on the color, and i'm too nervous to buy from most online retailers, but LZ has such a great rep with you all.
  9. Dont be down ,its called bag fate and someone who needed that bag more than you has got it ... your bag has your name on it and is waiting to be found by you , if LZ cant help you why dont you get a store to check for you in the inventory of other stores , thats how i got my jpg birkin....
  10. shoppings, I'm sorry you're sad....the Vespa is totally one of the neatest styles ( I love the look of the toggle!) and I feel everyone is right in that YOUR bag will come along.

    Don't be sad.....:heart:
  11. thanks very much, everyone...you're all so nice to sympathize with me :smile: it really has helped, and i'm starting to feel better. still really want the bag, but i know what you all mean about the right bag still being out there. i know that H is a land in which you sometimes have to make quick decisions...i'll know better next time!

    and if anyone knows where to find a gently used (or just well-priced!) blue roi vespa with GH.....well, you know where to find me :smile:
  12. You did it the right way. You needed to "try it out" especially since its not like you can return it when its from a reseller. A painful experience for you. I wish you well in your hunt for another. I think emailing the seller is a good idea. Sometimes when people purchase online the transaction doesn't go through (for whatever reason) so maybe put in a back up offer.
  13. I'm so sorry, I know exactly how you feel. It hurts like heck when one you want gets away. You'll run into another bag that rocks your world, maybe even better than this one.