missed my chance on grey bow satchel :(

  1. i'm sure i am out of luck but anyone know where i could get my hands on the miu miu bow satchel in grey?

    i saw it last year at Saks and although i fell in love with it in nano second, i had to let go cuz i was with my bf and had promised him that i'll be on a purse ban until next year...and since it's next year - i want, i want, i wannnnntt!!
  2. I thought I read somewhere in this sub-forum that the grey (fumo) is sold out in the states!
  3. I heard it's sold out in the USA too...

    And I purchased the last 2 grey/fumo satchels here in Australia, so none left here either! Perhaps try London/Europe? I heard Selfridges has one but not sure if it's still there..
  4. Which grey are you talking about? The darker (fumo) or lighter (alluminio)? The fumo is sold out in the US and I snagged the last one at Selfridges :smile:
  5. The Saks in Boca Raton had one as of this morning.. she said they have both the light grey and darker gray.
  6. mind you, i saw this in oct/nov timeframe so i'm sure they are all sold out....UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.. so maaaaaaaaad!!

    where is boca ranton??!?

    do you think theyll restock??
  7. I say you should call Saks and have them look for one for you :smile: THAT'S WHAT I DID!