Missed Buying a Metis Hobo - What is most similar?

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  1. I'm still kicking myself for not purchasing a monogram Metis Hobo back when they were still in production! I'd like some help from all the knowledge here - I don't have an LV store anywhere close by to see bags live so I'm really going on internet photos and advice before ordering! What is a current bag, or even a "rumored" new release, most similar to the Metis Hobo in style and size? I loved the Metis Hobo size, 2types of straps and styling of the the bag, I just waited too late to purchase! Now that I'm ready, nothing is interesting to me and I'm afraid if I settle, the perfect bag will be released next season, timing is everything I've found!
    I am open to Monogram or Damier Ebene. I know the Melie is similar, but those 2 big zipper pulls bug me and make the bag a little too casual. Graceful and Beri look ok but smaller & not very exciting. I really liked the long shoulder strap and additional crossbody strap the Metis Hobo had. Anyone have any advice on the best bag for me??? Thank You!!!
  2. Beware of the Melie as there are posts complaining about holes developing in the corners. In my search I’ve found the bagatelle to be the superior bag as it is cut to avoid corner holes and sewn. I’m searching to a metís hobo on tradesy as well. I tried Berri at the store and it was bulbous and not exciting to me as well. Bon Chance!
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  3. I would have a look in the Melie. :smile:
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  4. You can buy the metis preloved. I sort of regret selling mine..
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  5. I agree with @LVlvoe_bug if this is really the bag you love then look at the preloved market. If nothing else catches your eye I would wait. Better not to force things. You can peruse the F/W collection, I don't remember seeing any new hobo style yet though, someone can correct me if I'm wrong. It seems like new bags trickle in sporadically on the website. So I would also keep checking every week to see if you find a new style you like.
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