* * * Miss_Q's mini but dazzling collection* * *

  1. Gorgeous Miss Q!! I especially love the metallic pythons!
  2. beautiful collection, missQ!! i love every single pair. just gorgeous. :woohoo::tup:
  3. what a fantastic collection Miss Q! They are gorgeous... thank you for sharing with us!!!
  4. Your collection is wonderful - such a great variety of textures and colors and styles! But I love love love the peacock Simples - :faint: - gorgeous!
  5. Q, gorgeous collection! I love the color of the peacock simples too! And, I LOVE the fuchsia satin LG!

    And, I know something lovely is coming your way too! haha
  6. Love them all, especially the peacock simples, pewter ronrons and python yoyos! What a perfectly edited collection! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. they are all sooo gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

    now let me get back to drooling over the pics... :drool:
  8. Silver python, fuschia LGs, OH MY!!! :faint: :drool:

    Love them!!!
  9. You have a wonderful collection Miss_Q!!!
  10. lovely collection! i especially LOVE the python yoyos, and the fuschia LGs!!! so beautiful! :love:
  11. Love them! I am swooning over the LG!
  12. Gorgeous colours Miss_Q ... Peacock :drool:
  13. pretty..ehmm the silver python yoyo :drool:
  14. i LOVEEEE the lady gres.. saw them on eBay a while ago but i stopped myself since i have too many for my own good as it is!! are they comfy?

    my obsession started with the black peep toe mouche! i LOVE that style!
  15. :heart::heart: this collection..my favs are the ladys :smile: