Miss Vara Wallet-on-a-Chain. GOLD OR SILVER?

  1. Hey everyone! I'm thinking of getting a classy bag with a chain for formal events..I saw several pictures of the Miss Vara Wallet-on-a-chain bag in ORO but in some photos they look GOLD. some look SILVER...

    Can anyone please help me clarify if it's just lighting issues or is there a gold version and silver version?
  2. I've only seen it in gold
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    Thanks bakeacookie! Did the gold one you see look like this one or was it much more distinctively gold? This was described as "gold" as well so I'm confused..
    Screenshot_2015-06-21-11-27-25-1.png Screenshot_2015-06-21-15-09-42-1.png Screenshot_2015-06-21-15-10-06-1.png NMV24BJ_cz.jpg NMV24BJ_mz.jpg

  4. It's a bright gold, similar to the model shot. It matches the color of the metal on the bow on the bag and on Varinas.
  5. You can't go wrong with gold on classy formal events. That would be my pick!
  6. I saw this in a continental vara wallet version last year - thought it was a really elegant purse and would go from day to evening too. Although the gold is bright, I feel the colour is slightly muted/ diffused by the crosshatch leather pattern - might be why the lighting makes it look less goldy in some images.
  7. they are all actually the same colour! it's called "oro". thank you so much for your help!
  8. those were my thoughts exactly! i love anything gold but a gold purse can sometimes be too flashy for my personal taste. but i feel the leather pattern makes it so more dimensional. If it was just solid and had no pattern, I would pass on it.

    @nvie, I agree with you! It would go with any colour outfit! It's so versatile which is exactly what I need since I can't afford to buy many designer hangbags!
  9. i have only seen it in gold and i think both the pictures are the same colour
  10. I have the silver chain version.