Miss USA 2007

  1. Anyone watching?!
  2. may be..I think it's just starting..
  3. turrrn ur tv's on! it just started..heehe

    the girls are so pretty!
  4. What channel/network?? I really want to see this, I heard about it a week ago, and now this thread just reminded me!!
  5. I already know who won but I won't ruin it for you. :graucho:

    Have a good time watching!
  6. Nbc!
  7. Turning to that station right now! Thanks!
  8. enjoy!!!!!
  9. Me too!! :p Enjoy the show!! :yes:
  10. :cry: I don't think it's on. I am on the east coast, so maybe I missed it. Darnit, I seem to be missing all the shows I want to see lately. grrr....
    I hope I can catch the rerun of it.
  11. ohh i miss this show!
  12. She is very pretty!
  13. Miss USA is very beautyful!