Miss Universe 2018: USA, Australia and Cambodia accused of bullying

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  2. In what world is that bullying?
  3. Seems like a controversy about nothing. Weren't those girls expressing empathy that the other girls might feel isolated because no one else spoke their language? They could have phrased it better, but it doesn't come off as mean and certainly isn't bullying. It seems like a few people jumped at the chance to assume the worst. Of course that is what happens when an article is written about random posts on Twitter by people nobody has ever heard of.
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  4. Their "concern" is one of those mean-girls thinly veiled shade type of things, IMO, and here's why. If there was a translator nearby, would they be perfectly okay saying the same exact thing to those girls' faces? I think NOT. It's just mean-spirited and low-key shady, as if we've not had pageant winners who spoke not a single word of English! It doesn't make those girls look good, or increase their chances of winning. They were just being petty.
    Those girls were being ludicrous, and that "...well, she grew up half-Chinese in Australia..." excuse is a piss-poor one.
    I speak 3 languages, English aside. And I've done this thing where I'm in public, and act like I don't speak English and the stuff people say about me or what I'm doing is definitely NOT anything they'd repeat in my face if they knew i understood what they're saying.
    My favorite movie line is from "A Walk In The Clouds" - "...just because I speak with an accent doesn't mean I THINK with an accent!"
  5. I don’t think if I would classify it as bullying, but any minority can smell underhanded, subtle racism when they see it. Racist shade is a more appropriate description.
  6. All the girls in the clip look dumb and ignorant, they give beauty pageants a bad reputation. Don't know if I'd want them to be representatives of any country. OMG did you see Miss so and so can't even speak my birth language, you speak my birth language, and you speak it well, she's pretending to speak my birth language, and imitating others, it's not cute. They are being mean b!... what can I say. Being under media scrutiny, did they forget the MissPhilippines incident! wonder if they had any champagne...
  7. What was the Miss Philippines incident?
  8. If the women she mentioned are offended by her words and actions, then she was entirely in the wrong. I think it's appropriate to defer to them.

    It comes off as ignorant, if anything. Not everyone speaks english.
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  9. Are they all required to speak English or something? I could understand it possibly being isolating with not having at least one person you can share language with but it's possible to communicate with people who don't share your language....depends on if they wanted to be mean girls or not. I don't get bullying from it but definitely shade
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  10. you can state your opinion, but Miss Germany had a lot of backlash for this.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5c129ebbe4b0835fe327e2ac/amp

    Miss USA Apologizes After Mocking Miss Vietnam For Not Speaking English

    Sarah Rose Summers said she “intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters.

    Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers, faced backlash after being accused of mocking two fellow Miss Universe contestants — Miss Vietnam, H’Hen Nie, and Miss Cambodia, Rern Sinat.

    Summers later apologized for her actions in a statement on her Instagram page.

    The incident was captured in a video on the Instagram account of Miss Colombia, Valeria Morales.

    In the clip, Summers talks about Nie’s lack of English and imitates her in front of Morales and Miss Australia, Francesca Hung.
  12. Oh I didn't know about this. But I think Perez Hilton, who was one of the judges, shared that the judges were so perplexed when Colombia's name was announced. lol.

  13. No requirement.
  14. I can't stand Perez.
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