Miss south carolina miss teen USA 2007: The *clever*

  1. ???????????? Hoo boy.
  2. Oh this is plastered all over the tv. I laugh until i cry every time I see it. She would have been better off saying "I dont have a smart answer to that" lmao
  3. I thought she would've been much better off just falling out in the floor pretending to pass out.
  4. ^^^she should have faked a heart attack.
  5. I feel so bad that everyone everywhere is making fun of her. She's young and just lost her train of thought. I would have been terrified up there. There isnt a person on here who hasnt said something they were totally embarressed about. God I sure have! I think its daily for me! ha. I wish her all the best!
  6. LMAO! :roflmfao:
  7. I was never anywhere close to being a beauty pageant contestant but I'm SO glad there was no such thing as YOU TUBE when I was her age. whew! Not that I don't have my blonde moments still, hehehe, I'm just glad I'm not immortalized online like that.
  8. lmao
  9. Poor thing.

    She got really flustered. It was probably her first time on TV.
  10. I saw that over the weekend. She should go back to school.
  11. She is a pageant girl. They are coached and do many pageants before they get to National level. I think she really had no clue what the answer was and just rambled nonsense to pass the time. LOL
  12. Lol it was funny..I loved the multiple ill-placed "such as" phrases she used.
  13. Bless her heart.
  14. I saw thought. I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard.