Miss Sixty Jeans

  1. What are people's opinions on miss sixty jeans? Im looking into the "Binky" style, i really like the colour and fit.
  2. Generally I like the fit and i think its really comfy. Miss Sixty is my favourite brand of non-designer jeans.
  3. ^^^
    i agree, i have a couple of pairs, and they fit really well for non-designer jeans. mine are about three years old and they're still in good condition too.
  4. I love Miss sixtys. I wear the J-lot ones.
  5. I used to love miss sixty. Oh I remember those days :p . I think my fave from miss sixty is tommy low cut. Unfortunately, I barely wear miss sixty anymore. I don't know why. I'm actually thinking about selling the one I have left.
  6. Isnt Miss Sixty designer? They have catwalk shows every season!
  7. I thought so too. I have a few pairs and they fit really well:yes:
  8. I personally wouldn't consider Miss Sixty non-designer jeans. Although you can get them for less than $100 at their outlets, at department stores and their stores, they're selling for as much as Seven, CoH, etc.

    I love Miss Sixty. I find them very comfortable.
  9. I have a pair of miss sixty and they last forever! I love their washes.
  10. MISS SIXTY is definately designer. here in canada at the store thier jeans retail for 300cad and they even have runway shows, they make FANTASTIC jeans!!! :heart:
  11. ^^
    I think the poster meant high-end designer i.e. ysl, dior, gucci versus 7 for all mankind, rock & republic, paige...
  12. These are my thoughts exactly! Many of my miss sixty jeans costed me just as much as my sevens or diesels.
  13. I personally think that seven, r&r, etc are to be considered designer jeans.. personally I think they are better than the higher end jeans than say dolce & gabbana have put out..
  14. I love Miss Sixty jeans. Very comfortable, fit well, and most importantly, good quality material. :yes:
  15. I don't own a pair but think they have so many cute designs. I am really into true religion, but should try on some Miss Sixtys