miss sixty boots question

  1. hi ladies! i just bought these cute miss sixty boots http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/30670896/c/11414.html they are my first real boot purchase, and i absolutely love them except they are kind of hard to get off. is this normal for high leather boots? they are a pull on style, so no zipper. i figure i got a real good deal on them and i love the style, i can just deal with it. but i was just wondering if other people have similar experiences with high heeled boots. i thought maybe it was because i don't have stick thin calves that they are a bit hard to pull off. any thoughts?
  2. I always have a hard time pulling boots off. I don't have thin calves by any stretch of the imagination. They'll probably stretch a bit over time, but if you like them I would just deal with it!
  3. omg they are gorgeous...i absolutely love them..
  4. uups..there was other question...sometimes is hard for me pull boots off..but they will strech in a bit of time..new shoes are like that..